Best Cards

This category presents the best cards of the game. The list is based on a statistical analysis of the Tournament Winning Deck Archive (TWDA) provided by VEKN, considering the 2000+ decks from 2008 onward. The best cards are those that have been included in the most winning decks since then.

All clan Hunting Grounds and, on occasions, some low capacity vampires, have been omitted for convenience.


Master cards Political actions No discipline i   Animalism a   Auspex c   Celerity
d   Dominate f   Fortitude n   Necromancy o   Obfuscate p   Potence r   Presence


Anarch Camarilla
Laibon Sabbat


Abominations A, Blood Brothers F, Panders a, Osebo Z, Nagaraja W and Samedi e are too rarely played to be included in this analysis: they lack the numbers for a statistical review to be relevant.

Gargoyles N are included in the Tremere u clan analysis, all Imbued are included in the same analysis regardless of their creed.

B   Ahrimanes C   Akunanse E   Baali n   Banu Haqim o   Brujah I   Caitiff J   Daughters of Cacophony p   Gangrel O   Giovanni P   Guruhi Q   Harbingers of Skulls 7   Imbued R   Ishtarri
S   Kiasyd w   Lasombra q   Malkavian r   Ministry s   Nosferatu x   Ravnos c   Salubri t   Toreador u   Tremere j   True Brujah k   Tzimisce v   Ventrue