True Brujah

The True Brujah and their unique ? discipline have some powerful vampires among their ranks. The use of Summon History to put vampires or allies into play fast and cheap has given birth to interesting decklists, like Fernando Grossi's deck from 2011.


Domain of Evernight

played in 58 decks, typically 1-8 copies

Often played for its additional stealth at inferior o outside of the clan, its ? and ! effects makes it a useful tool in virtually all True Brujah decks. Combined with Outside the Hourglass, it forms the most dreadful combat combination of the game.

Tabriz Assembly

played in 21 decks, typically 1 copy

A Hunting Ground giving +1 hand size at no cost is awesome, the fact that it is removable is not really an issue.

Tangle Atropos' Hand

played in 20 decks, typically 1-5 copies

An excellent stealth device at superior !, as it not only adds stealth but also tends to consume wakes on the opponents side. The p is useful when a bleed is bounced: a block attempt, even non succesful, allows it to cancel the action.

Outside the Hourglass

played in 17 decks, typically 6-11 copies

A unique effect: combined with Domain of Evernight it can deliver aggravated damage before the strikes. Hard to prevent as it is not a strike, and oblivious to "combat ends", it can be combined with Disarm as it is not environmental.

Summon History

played in 16 decks, typically 3-9 copies

A unique effect both at inferior ? and superior !. Combined with The Ankara Citadel, Turkey, it can put allies and vampires into play for half the price.

Al-Muntathir, God's Witness

played in 15 decks, typically 3-5 copies

The most played vampire of the clan, its superior F is often the reason of its presence in a crypt. As True Brujah are scarce, the ability to play Freak Drive is a good asset.

Clotho's Gift

played in 14 decks, typically 1-5 copies

Also used in o constructs to help get more vampires out of the crypt, its superior ! effect is an obvious A&B increase at a very cheap cost.


played in 14 decks, typically 2-7 copies

An excellent clan card: the +3 stealth bonus makes it virtually unblockable, and its effect is excellent at controlling the table. Both neighbours can quickly loose their bleed bounces or lunge cards, plus it can be used to deal across the table.