Top Tier

Here is a list of the best Vampire: the Eternal Struggle deck archetypes. Every archetype is presented with Tournament Winning Deck Archive (TWDA) deck list examples, main variations, and a play guide.

Only archetypes having proven themselves against at least 20 players twice since 2013 are taken into account, and only if one of these wins is a Continental Championship or if they have at least a third win. Example decklists are the most recent ones, or the ones with a Continental Championship win.

Please note that this list is built purely on TWDA statistics: more than a third of tournaments wins are achieved with unrelated decks.

Anson Guns (Toolbox)
Anti Ventrue Grinder (Toolbox)
Black Hand (Toolbox)
Cats (Wall / Toolbox)
Dementation Bleed (Stealth & Bleed)
Emerald Legion (Toolbox)
Gentlemen With Sticks (Toolbox)
Girls Will Find Inner Circle (Stealth & Bleed)
Goratrix High Tower (Wall)
Guruhi Rush (Rush / Toolbox)
Lutz Politics (Bleed & Vote)
Malgorzata (Toolbox)
Mistress (Bleed & Vote)
Nananimalism (Rush / Toolbox)
Parliament of Shadows (Bleed & Vote)
Rebekka / Jost (Powerbleed)
Saulot Wall (Wall)
Stanislava (Bleed & Vote)
The Unnamed (Stealth & Bleed)
Tupdogs & Nephandus (Rush)
Tzimisce Toolbox (Toolbox)
War Chantry (Toolbox)


These archetypes are not currently top tier, but they have potential. They have either been successful in the past, or have recently gotten some victories in tournaments. Keep an eye out for them, tinker and experiment to reveal their full potential.

Akunanse Toolbox (Toolbox)
Giovanni Powerbleed (Powerbleed)
Hunters (Toolbox)
Khazar's Diary (Toolbox)
Lasombra Nocturn (Stealth & Bleed)
Palla Grande (Swarm)
Ravnos Clown Car (Swarm)
Samedi Bleed (Stealth & Bleed)
Shambling Hordes (Rush)
The Dark Side of Politics (Vote)
Weenie AUS (Wall)

Neonate Archetypes (BCP print only)

These archetypes are built using only cards that are currently in print by BCP. It is a growing project contributed to by seasoned players - reach out on the V:TES Discord for feedback or additional ideas.

All decks included are built to be tournament worthy. They include variations and options ideas. Approaching these builds is often easily done with only a few bundle packs for cheaper versions.

Aching Beauty (Bleed & Vote)
Giovanni Powerbleed (Stealth & Bleed)
Harbinger Legionnaires (Allies Swarm)
Infernal Royalty (Vote)
Lasombra Nocturn (Stealth & Bleed)
Lutz Vote (Vote & Bleed)
Malkavian Dementation (Stealth & Bleed)
Malkavian Dominate (Stealth & Bleed)
Nephandus (Allies Toolbox)
Nosferatu Primogens (Rush)
Ravnos Clown Car (Swarm)
Samedi Rush (Rush)
Stanislava (Vote & Bleed)
The Capuchin (Toolbox)
The unnamed (Stealth & Bleed)
Tremere Grinder (Toolbox)
Tremere Wall (Wall)
Tzimisce Toolbox (Toolbox)
Ventrue Grinder (Toolbox)
Ventrue Lawfirm (Vote & Bleed)


The « Bibliodèque » is a French project made of more than a hundred decklists based on Tournament winning decklists or archetypes to help people build decks for their casual play or tournaments, and ultimately print those decks in proxy to have a library of decks available for their playgroup.

Many thanks to the French people helping in various ways: TTC_master acting as lead designer, Ezra, Tim, Cordovader, Darkal, Stone and so on... and to the players whose decks have served as a basis for the decks presented here (or were shamelessly copied directly).

You may find the complete historic of the project in the French VEKN Forum and the final Bibliodèque with proxies on Google Drive.

A few names have been change, and some decks have been added to the list for reference.

419 Operation (Special)
Akunanse Classic (Wall)
Amaravati Politics (Swarm Vote)
Anson Grooming (Vote)
Anson Guns (Wall)
Anu Diptinatpa (Allies)
Arika & Friends (Bleed & Vote)
Armin the Hammer (Vote)
Aviary (Other)
Ayo Igoli (Vote)
Baltimore Purge (Other)
Better Gentlemen (Toolbox)
Bima Dominate (Allies)
Brujah Debate (Swarm Vote)
Carna (Wall)
Carnivalesque (Swarm Bleed)
Council of Doom (Vote & Bleed)
Cybele Maleficia (Lock & Bleed)
Cybelotron (Special)
Daughters Politics (Swarm Vote)
Death Seekers (Wall)
Death Star (Vote)
Dekox Ultimus (Wall)
Dmitri's Big Band (Swarm Bleed)
Dragon's Breath Rounds (Rush)
Emerald Legionnaire (Toolbox)
Enkidu Multirush (Rush)
Euro Brujah (Toolbox)
Extrême Violence (Rush)
Family Business (Allies)
Fat Usurper (Vote)
Fear Factor (Wall)
Fear of the Dard (Stealth & Bleed)
First Tradition (Vote)
Frosties Gogo (Star)
Ghede Typhonic Beast (Rush)
Girls' Immortal Grapple (Rush)
Girls Will Find Inner Circle (Stealth & Bleed)
Guillaume Giovanni (Lock & Bleed)
Hakuna Matata (Star)
He-who-shall-not-be-named (Stealth & Bleed)
Hermanas (Other)
Howler & Friends (Wall)
Imbued (Wall)
Isabel & Boys (Lock & Bleed)
Ishtarri Politics (Vote)
Kiasyd Stealth & Bleed (Stealth & Bleed)
Kiev Circle (Swarm Bleed)
Knave's Revenge (Vote)
Koudéta (Swarm Bleed)
Legacy of Pander (Swarm Vote)
Lorrie Superstar (Star)
Lutz's Coopt (Vote)
Madness Reversal (Special)
Malgorzata & Friends (Wall)
Malkav' 94 (Stealth & Bleed)
Malkavian Royalty (Vote)
Matasuntha (Wall)
Meat Shields (Swarm Bleed)
Midcap DEM (Stealth & Bleed)
Miller Delmo (Wall)
Mind Rape (Wall)
Mono Valeren (Wall)
Muricia & Friends (Toolbox)
Nagagrinder (Toolbox)
Nakhthorheb (Other)
Nephandii (Allies)
Nosferatu Royalty (Toolbox)
Nuriel (Rush)
Order 66 (Vote)
Palla Grande (Swarm Bleed)
Rachel Madness (Stealth & Bleed)
Red Army (Rush)
Renegade Assault (Allies Rush)
Richter & Friends (Bruise & Bleed)
Rock Cats (Allies Rush)
Sarrasine Velvet Tongue (Vote)
Scout (Vote)
Seraph's Ambitions (Swarm)
Shadow Court Satyrs (Allies Toolbox)
Shalmath History (Toolbox)
Sha's Trio (Vote)
Slaughtermanship (Special)
Spell of Life (Allies)
Spirit Marionette (Lock & Bleed)
Stanislava (Bleed & Vote)
Storia di Buratino (Lock & Bleed)
Tariq Eats the World (Wall)
The Bleeding Vignes (Powerbleed)
Tongue of the Serpent (Vote)
Torchon brûlant (Allies)
Trap Horrid (Rush)
Trapappa (Wall)
Tunnel Runners (Allies)
Tupdogs (Rush)
Turbo Sensory (Other)
Ublo's Harem (Wall)
Unacceptable Boon (Swarm Vote)
War Ghouls (Allies Rush)
Weenie ANI (Wall)
Weenie AUS (Wall)
Weenie DEM (Swarm Bleed)
Weenie DOM (Swarm Bleed)
Weenie PRE (Swarm Bleed)
Weenie VIC (Bruise & Bleed)