E The Dark Side of Politics


This is a vote deck using centered around the Of disciplines, with Giotto Verducci as a star.

The base idea is to get Kaymakli Fragment fast using Giotto Verducci's ability, then use it (the infernal version) to get some titled vampires out fast and cheap.

Using O for maximum stealth, the deck then proceeds to destroy its prey with Kine Resources Contested and Parity Shift.

The deck has no bounce against bleeds, but Villein and Parity Shift make for a nice bloat. Furthermore, the few Second Tradition: Domain and Unleash Hell's Fury provide a sturdy defence already.

Tips & Tricks

Ashur Tablets provide a bit of recursion so that cards discarded with Giotto Verducci's ability can be fetched back.

Condemnation: Mute is used to get the vote lock faster by silencing opponents titled vampires.

The Textbook Damnation is included so that another vampire with f can get the Kaymakli Fragment from Giotto Verducci, use Freak Drive to unlock then use the Fragment again in the same turn.

Wider View is included to help rotate the crypt and get rid of the spurious Giotto Verducci copies for more titled vampires.


Variants exist using different crypts, like Inner Circle vampires with OD or centered a bit more around the OR disciplines with more Ventrue in the crypt: Arika, Jaroslav Pascek, Lucinde, Alastor, Marcus Vitel and Queen Anne. Vincent Ripoll's deck for the 2015 English NC is a good example.


Parity Shift has been modified in the September 2019 errata. The amount of pool is no longer equal to the number of Methusalah, but is stable at 3. The card is then less powerful in the game beginning, but is still a good fit in this deck.