p Presence

r is a versatile discipline. It provides a strong bleed, a defensive combat module with Strike: combat ends and good modifiers for votes.


played in 404 decks, typically 3-8 copies

The most played combat ends of r, the unlock effect as superior R is an excellent asset and augments A&B, both offensively and defensively.


played in 380 decks, typically 1-4 copies

A versatile action. Included for its dreadful superior R effect that can steal a powerful ally, its simple bleed action at inferior r makes it far more flexible than d Far Mastery.

Voter Captivation

played in 288 decks, typically 3-7 copies

A powerful bloat for vote oriented decks. With enough votes on the table, it can resplenish a vampire easily and make it ready for another Minion Tap and constitue a formidable defense.

Aire of Elation

played in 152 decks, typically 1-5 copies

The best bleed modifier of r, it is inferior to d Conditioning, except for Toreador . Still, such a strong bleed modifier is worth it for decks with no access to d.

Perfect Paragon

played in 145 decks, typically 1-4 copies

A versatile tool for big capacity vote decks: more votes or a good modifier to help get an action through.

Enchant Kindred

played in 124 decks, typically 3-8 copies

A weaker version of the popular d Govern the Unaligned, it has the same advantages: a good accelerator in the beginning to get more vampires out cheaply, a nice bleed action later on.

Bewitching Oration

played in 121 decks, typically 2-5 copies

One of the best vote modifier of the game with 4 votes at no cost at superior R.


played in 106 decks, typically 1-4 copies

A bit more expensive than Bewitching Oration, it gives a better guarantee to be able to get a vote through and its cost can be mitigated if paired with Voter Captivation.