The Camarilla is the first sect (publication-wise), and it offers unique and powerful tools to its members, especially when it comes to politics.


Parity Shift

played in 340 decks, typically 2-6 copies

One of the best vote available with its -3/+3 pool effect. It was even more powerful before the september 2019 errata, when the score would equal the number of Methusalah in play, for a devastating -5/+5 effect early game.

Second Tradition: Domain

played in 276 decks, typically 3-9 copies

Only available for Princes and Justicars, it is one of the most effective reaction of the game. Not only does it unlock — not just wake — the vampire, it also provides a solid +2 intercept bonus. Furthermore, the reasonable blood cost of one is only paid when the unlock effect is needed.


played in 47 decks, typically 1-5 copies

Although only available for Justicars and Inner Circles, this vote let them fetch costly equipment at a bargain, like an Helicopter or an Assault Rifle. Combined with a strong weapon, the option to enter combat becomes dreadful.

Judgment: Camarilla Segregation

played in 32 decks, typically 1-3 copies

A decent pool damaging action, although more efficient votes like Kine Resources Contested are often preferred, it can also find its place in non-political decks. It can account to a serious overall amount if played early enough.

Fourth Tradition: The Accounting

played in 29 decks, typically 1-5 copies

Reserved to Princes and Justicars as all traditions, this one helps getting more vampires out faster and cheaper, a useful asset for those who do not have access to the more versatile Govern the Unaligned.

First Tradition: The Masquerade

played in 27 decks, typically 1-4 copies

Reserved to Princes and Justicars as all traditions, it can stack and lock down a table pretty quickly provided one has enough blood to pay for it. The obvious drawback is that it can quickly focus a lot of table hatred on the MEthusalah who played it.

Praxis Seizure: Rome

played in 26 decks, typically 1 copy

Some Praxis give a capacity bonus to a specific clan. The Brujah one is slightly more played because they have powerful cards for their Princes like New Carthage and Carthage Remembered.


played in 22 decks, typically 1-4 copies

A powerful bloat device, although a bit tricky to land: one needs both the stealth and votes to get it through, and a combat module strong enough to trigger it. A vote most often seen played by the Brujah.