n Necromancy

n provides a wide range of possibility, including more than its share of ash heap manipulations.

Call of the Hungry Dead

played in 137 decks, typically 3-7 copies

Played in most n decks, it is an excellent block denial card. Combined with Seduction, it can get any action through without even fighting for stealth.

Spectral Divination

played in 117 decks, typically 3-6 copies

A very versatile card, although the 1 blood cost is a bit high.

Spiritual Intervention

played in 65 decks, typically 3-7 copies

An excellent defensive combat card, providing a combat ends effect for no cost at superior N, and still a useful dodge for inferior n.

Shambling Hordes

played in 55 decks, typically 5-17 copies

An excellent ally with solid combat abilities. A bit tricky to play or include in a deck, as it needs an ally or vampire in the ash heap already.


played in 36 decks, typically 1-4 copies

Generally inferior to the newer Inevitability of the Void, it's an excellent bleed enhancer, and its effect can be a good deterrent against {Ashur Tablets}.

Breath of Thanatos

played in 33 decks, typically 2-4 copies

Although less used than the defensive Spiritual Intervention, the aggravated damage at superior N is dreadful, even more so when combined with Target Vitals. If the deck uses wraiths, the card becomes very versatile.

Chair of Hades

played in 20 decks, typically 1-2 copies

An excellent ally remover at no cost, it can even be used against low capacity vampires.

Funeral Wake

played in 16 decks, typically 1-3 copies

A decent wake reaction, it becomes very good in allies-oriented decks once The Unmasking is in play.