The Salubri and their antitribu are a rare sight in tournaments. This could change following the Lost Kindred expansion release in 2018. They have unique disciplines, respectively b and l. For now, they are seen in mainly two archetypes: , a wall deck featuring Saulot, The Wanderer, and Spirit Marionette, using b and the eponymous Spirit Marionette.



played in 33 decks, typically 1-4 copies

A good stealth modifier that can become permanent. An excellent way for Salubri to bump up their game as they do not have access to many other stealth enhancer given their clan disciplines.

Spirit Marionette

played in 29 decks, typically 4-11 copies

An iconic card of the b discipline, it has brought up an archetype of its own. Stealing an opponent minion is always good, the central issue is to abuse, cripple or destroy it afterwards.

Gift of Sleep

played in 25 decks, typically 1-4 copies

A second stealth enhancer, still at no cost, a good card for B.

Saulot, The Wanderer

played in 23 decks, typically 3-5 copies

Star of the Salubri clan, Saulot has both B and L at superior, along a nice set of disciplines. His abilities are also impressive.

Renewed Vigor

played in 22 decks, typically 3-7 copies

Bringing back any big capacity vampire to full capacity is a good way to bloat, but also a useful bargaining chip to barter for big favors or even a game-changer. This is the only card of the game allowing this along Giant's Blood.

Anesthetic Touch

played in 20 decks, typically 3-9 copies

An excellent combat ends at superior B, it is a bit weak at inferior b. The fact that it's still a hand strike makes it a good counter to Immortal Grapple.

Sense Death

played in 18 decks, typically 1-5 copies

An excellent rush action, with high maneuverability and a most desirable +1 stealth. It is even played in some i decks as a stealthy alternative to Deep Song.

Neutral Guard

played in 13 decks, typically 2-6 copies

A good block denial at superior B for a big capacity vampire like Saulot, The Wanderer.