k Den of Fiends


This is a Tzimisce wall deck, leaning on the toolbox side of things. The setup is to get a vampire with the three advanced clan disciplines AVI out first, then one to three sidekicks, depending on the available pool. The idea is to focus on defence and slowly grind at the prey’s pool.


Pool damage is low, it uses naked bleed actions, Deep Song at inferior i and Changeling. It also can deliver damage by putting the prey’s vampires in torpor, combined with Fame and/or Dragonbound. If Smiling Jack, The Anarch is drawn and kept in play long enough, it can deliver fatal damage to the table.

The combat module is strong, using V to deal aggravated damage from afar with Breath of the Dragon, or at close range with Chiropteran Marauder. Telepathic Tracking is a counter against « Strike: Combat Ends », to be kept in hand if a combat against r or $ is expected. Carrion Crows improves damage and it comes before any aggravated damage from the strike, so it can be use to destroy a vampire directly if it is low enough on blood to begin with. Horrid Form and Inner Essence are just helpers, they should be played as soon as possible to avoid jamming the hand.


Bloat is low, using Vessel and Villein to get some pool back.

The deck has exceptionnal intercept capacities. Read the Winds, Eyes of Argus and On the Qui Vive are all wakes to enable more blocks. Most of them can also be used for intercept as a last resort.

This deck needs to get some permanent intercept on the table as soon as possible: Bowl of Convergence, Raven Spy, and Channel 10. As 3 of them need an action to be put into play, one should keep some stealth in hand (Changeling) to avoid interception.

Finally the deck has only a two Telepathic Misdirection, they should be kept in hand to bounce heavy bleeds to the prey.


Play defensively, do not hesitate to keep vampires unlocked to be able to block more often.

Do not stack permanent intercept on a single vampire: if one has the Bowl of Convergence, another should get the Raven Spy. The more vampires are able to intercept with good score, the less efficient block denials cards like Seduction become.

You can target a strong vampire to put her into to torpor then diablerize her with a low capacity disposable vampire of yours.

Keep them guessing about your hand, no one should know if you can or cannot block an action, if you have or do not have what it takes to send their vampires in torpor by combat.

Do not let combat cards jam your hand. If need be, use Deep Song to enter combat and play the cards instead of using it for a bleed your prey may be too afraid to block.

What to block

The deck has tremendous block power, but it can not block everything the prey or the predator do. It should focus on blocking the prey's bloat or defensive actions like Consanguineous Boon or Govern the Unaligned and the predator's power building actions like allies recruitment or breeding actions like The Embrace.

Check the Information Highway article for a deck review and ideas on how to improve it.