g Libertine Ball


This is a Toreador Antitribu Breed & Vote deck. The setup is to get a the oldest vampire out first, then play The Embrace and Enchant Kindred at superior R to get more Toreador Antitribu in play. The idea is to overwhelm other decks by sheer numbers.

Once enough vampires are in play, the plan is to play either Foundation Exhibit or Palla Grande to make them useful. These cards should be kept in hand: even copies to replace them are useful.


Pool damage is high, using Kine Resources Contested and bleed actions — especially if Palla Grande is in play. If Enchant Kindred is used at superior R in the beginning to build up more power, it becomes an excellent bleed action at inferior r later on.

The deck has almost no stealth: it uses Change of Target against wakes and Majesty at superior R to cancel combats after an action is block, then unlock and try another one. The sheer number of actions will ensure most of them get through. Still, Resist Earth’s Grasp is available to help get critical actions through, like The Embrace.


The combat module is defensive, using Majesty to end combats that could kill the vampires.

Bloat is high, with Consanguineous Boon and Art Scam, completed with some leeching from the vampires with Vessel. Creepshow Casino and The Hungry Coyote help get more blood out of hunt actions, and Perfectionist is used to get even more blood back on vampires.

The deck avoids combat so it does not try to intercept actions, hence the high bloat module. It uses only Delaying Tactics against critical votes and Telepathic Misdirection to bounce bleeds.


Play as many actions as possible. As a general rule, do not keep vampires unlocked and never try to intercept.

Keep your vampires out of torpor. Embraces seem expendable, but the power of this deck relies on the number of minions. If an Embrace goes into torpor, pay the blood and get her out.

Keep your votes for when Foundation Exhibit hit the table. Consanguineous Boon is your best bloat device and it is critical to get some through throughout the game.

Order of actions

The deck undertakes so many actions it makes it hard for the opponents to decide what to block when they can. Moreover, the deck uses Majesty and Change of Target when it is blocked to end the action, unlock and try another one.

The order of actions is therefore decisive. Try to bait your opponents into blocking bleed or Kine Resources Contested first, then when it seems safe play The Embrace and Consanguineous Boon.

Check the Information Highway article for a deck review and ideas on how to improve it.