Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is a Steam app to play tabletop games. It has fan-made plugins to play V:tES online with friends. It is mostly used among friends who want to play the game between themselves, as there is no matching server to find fellow players inside the application itself.


Buy and install the Tabletop Simulator application using Steam. Then install this collection of plugins. Use the relevant plugin to create your deck. Once the deck is ready, select the two stacks (Library and Crypt), then right-click and choose Save object to save your deck.

TTS Save deck


Find a group of friends then create a game and invite them. Load one of your decks by clicking on the Objects button: your decks should be in the Saved Objects section.

TTS Load deck

Make sure you set the rotation on 90º (topside button on the right) for easy lock and unlock.

TTS Rotation

Useful commands