Blind Spot


This is a powerbleed deck that relies on big capacity natural bleeders like the Inner Circle and Lucian, The Perfect, combined with a lot of block denial and, specifically, a good number of Blind Spot.

The idea is very simple: get two vampires out, then bleed for 6 to 10 with each of them, disregarding the possibility of Archon Investigation. To get the bleed through, there is a bit of stealth but the main strategy is to combine multiple block denials like Blind Spot, Seduction and Elder Impersonation to prevent all the minions of the prey from blocking.

The deck is brutal and can obliterate a table in just 10 turns if it's lucky. Blind Spot is particularily vicious because it also prevents reactions, hence bounces. That makes it harder for the prey to defend against the high bleeds. Of course, for the card to work at all, one needs the highest capacity on the table. Because it relies on block denials, the deck can go through highly defensive toolboxes and walls as if they weren't even there.

The Master module provides crypt acceleration with Zillah's Valley, Information Highway and Dreams of the Sphinx.

The deck relies on Obedience and Majesty to avoid combat and has low defense against bleeds from the predator: only a couple of Telepathic Counter.

Tips & Tricks

Lucian, The Perfect is the most desirable vampire here: he bleeds harder, and his ability makes him a decent blocker, especially combined with Majesty. The deck has no intercept, but his ability to block swarms that do not use stealth is actually pretty high between Majesty, Obedience and Eluding the Arms of Morpheus.

The deck fields only a few cards for bloat, but they bloat hard: the Villein will be played for 5, and the one Golconda: Inner Peace can be used to recoup 11 pool in a single stroke if needed.

Flurry of Action is versatile here: it can be used to unlock, especially if Mistress Fanchon is out, so she can use her special ability after the bleed, but also just to stay unlocked for defense. Interestingly, it can also be used at inferior c to cycle cards and go fetch the right combination for the next bleed.

Enkil Cog is, of course, desirable. Especially because one can use it to bleed during the prey's turn, which will completely negate the possibility of an Archon Investigation: since it's an out-of-turn Master, it cannot be played by the prey during their own turn.


A few adaptations can be made without messing too much with the proportions here. Most notably, a bit more bleed defense with Deflection for example. In that case, one might want to cut Narrow Minds. Scourge of the Enochians might be a valuable inclusion if swarms are expected. See Desso Alastor's deck for an example.