The Giovanni and their rare n discipline, combined with the fact that they have d as a clan discipline, come up with two original allies archetypes: the Khazar's Diary, centered on allies and Khazar's Diary (Endless Night), and Shambling Hordes, an allies archetype using Shambling Hordes. Due to nature of these archetypes and usefulness of superior D at low capacity, Giovanni vampires popularity is skewed towards lower capacitiess.

Some powerbleed constructs have been seen, too. The combination of Call of the Hungry Dead and Seduction is strong, and Guillaume Giovanni gave birth to interesting deck lists, though all quite different.


Sudario Refraction

played in 85 decks, typically 2-5 copies

The most played Giovanni card. Its rare recursion ability enables the Giovanni players to adapt their hand to the table context, which is a nice advantage.

Lia Milliner

played in 80 decks, typically 1 copy

d and n for only 3 pool: a bargain. She can even find her place in mono d builds.

Gloria Giovanni

played in 76 decks, typically 1-2 copies

Superior D and n for only 4 pool: another bargain. She finds an easy place in mono d builds.

Isabel Giovanni

played in 69 decks, typically 1-2 copies

Superior DN for only 5 pool, it is often the perfect disciplines combination for Giovanni decks, so Isabel is often played in multiple copies.

Tye Cooper

played in 69 decks, typically 1 copy

Played in many Giovanni decks, even when they are not centred on allies, he is very resilient and can be good defence.

Powerbase: Cape Verde

played in 59 decks, typically 1 copy

A generalized Blood Doll, it is an efficient bloat device at no cost. Most Giovanni decks play it.

Rudolfo Giovanni

played in 56 decks, typically 1-2 copies

The cheapest N available, he is often seen alongside allies, especially Shambling Hordes.

Francesca Giovanni

played in 44 decks, typically 1 copy

All clan disciplines for 4 pool, a good sidekick in many Giovanni decks.

Leonardo, Mortician

played in 43 decks, typically 1 copy

A cheap ally with a nice ability. Often included to fuel Shambling Hordes or Khazar's Diary.

Andrea Giovanni

played in 43 decks, typically 1-2 copies

An excellent abilities for decks relying a lot on the N discipline, like those using Shambling Hordes.

The Path of Bone

played in 40 decks, typically 1-3 copies

A good way to reduce blood consumption in n decks. As is the case with many Path cards, it is quite cheap and not so easy to destroy: investing an action and a blood just to have the vampires pay a bit more for some cards can be too much.

Acquired Ventrue Assets

played in 38 decks, typically 2-4 copies

A cheap and efficient way to bring back some blood on the vampires. Better in low or mid capacity decks with more Giovanni, even better if it can be defended a bit.