E The unnamed


This is a stealth & bleed deck starring The unnamed. The idea is to use his ability to bleed and bloat at the same time.

At some point in the game, he gets Enkil Cog and Homunculus, allowing him to bleed again during another turn, doubling his bleed and bloat power.

The versatile Instantaneous Transformation is a great asset and other options are included to let him unlock even more: Homunculus and Mylan Horseed. The more he unlocks, the less the Methusalah has to pay for the Infernal penalty.

The crypt here focuses on bring some O sidekicks in play to perform some additional actions. Unnamed decks usually go for other Baali E like The Horde or Arishat, or some Ministry r like Doctor Morocco or Elisha Tucker, but influencing a second vampire is always a difficult proposition with this deck: even if it bloats, the bloat is its only defense so the pool should not be expended too liberatly.

Tips & Tricks

This variant aims at playing The Rising as early as possible in the game. It can severly limit the opponents ability to bloat, whether they were planning to use votes or Master cards like Villein. On the other hand, The unnamed both makes sur noone starts the turn with the Edge, and provides a way of bloating that includes getting the Edge first as part of its mechanic.

Infernal Servitor and Veneficti, alongside the O sidekicks, provide additional bleeding to increase the pressure throughout the game. They all can also be used as meat shields to protect The unnamed from direct rushes.

The whole deck tends to cost a bit of blood, so Perfectionist, The Coven and Giant's Blood are played to help restore The unnamed's blood.

I am Legion is versatile: it can be used to counter some a intercept or bounces but can also be used just for 1 pool on a successful action: the card text states "and/or gain 1 pool".


The Standard variant does not use the events and relies on Tend the Flock for additional block, to be able to influence Baali sidekicks like The Horde or Arishat. It usually uses Flurry of Action for additional unlock and cards cycling, but cna laos simply rely on Legal Manipulations. See Darby Keeney's deck from the 2016 NAC for an example.

The Maleficia variant plays Maleficia and uses Psalm of the Damned, Greater Curse and/or Evil Eye. Fernando Naves Resck's deck from the 2017 Brazilian CCQ is a good example.

The Anarch variant has The unnamed go anarch, which opens access to The Platinum Protocol, Revelation of the Serpent, and Enchanting Gaze, as well as solid Ministry r sidekicks. See Lukáš Simandl's deck from the 2022 Austrian Open for an example.