This site is a compilation of Vampire: the Eternal Struggle strategy resources. It is intended for players already familiar with the game and it rules. VTES is a game published by Black Chantry Productions, under the White Wolf license.

If you are a new player, consult Brett S. guide to learn the game before digging deeper. The official rule can be found on the VEKN website. The official Player's Guide is available in PDF format at DriveThruRPG.

If you want to contribute to this guide, point out mistakes or raise an issue, you are welcome to do so on the Github page of the project.


Online tools and play

Play on Lackey

If you use Amaranth to create decks online, you can use Export > Lackey to export the deck for online play.

Download LackeyCCG. Go to the Plugins tab and paste this AutoUpdate URL to activate the VtES plugin:

On Mac OSX

The system's security prevents the Application to run properly: instead of launching, it takes you to a web page telling you you're missing a font. To fix it, open a Terminal and type the following command: xattr -dr /Applications/LackeyCCG. Replace the last part with the path of your LackeyCCG folder if you did not put it in the Applications folder.

You can get a Discord invite to the VtES - Lackey CCG server by asking for an invite link on the VtES LackeyCCG Facebook group or on the VEKN Forum.

To use your decks exported from Amaranth, you have to copy the text file into the LackeyCCG/plugins/vtes/decks folder. You can then find them in LackeyCCG Deck Editor tab by clicking on the Browse... button. Visit the VtES Lackey tutorial for further Q&A.