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e Samedi Bleed


This is a stealth & bleed deck from the Samedi e clan. It's worth mentioning since it won two tournaments in 2014, although it was in the hands of the same Methuselah, David Litwin.

The point of the deck is to use H and O for stealth in order to get bleeds through, then use a lot of Freak Drive to bloat and get more vampires out. If it stays unchecked, the deck bloats a lot and get enough Samedi e in play that there aggregated bleed power can oust the whole table.

The deck uses permanent bleed enhancers: a handful of Camera Phone, the base bonus of some of the vampires like The Baron and Reg Driscoll and, interestingly, Legendary Vampire. Stealth is high, making full use of Under My Skin to get a two-in-one kind of deal that can make even high intercept decks think twice before attempting a block.

The specificity of this deck is definitely in the number of Freak Drive. Associated with the bloat and crypt acceleration actions Dark Mirror of the Mind, Little Mountain Cemetery and , it quickly becomes a nice blood-generating machine. The whole deck is built around this idea, with Coroner's Contact bringing more vampires in the crypt to benefit from Little Mountain Cemetery, and bringing a bit more blood on the table, and Powerbase: Zürich for yet another source of blood.

Tips & Tricks

The timing question on the influence phase is important: the plan is to keep vampires uncontrolled as much as possible to benefit more from the numerous Little Mountain Cemetery. As soon as the vampires get out, they can be rushed and blocked and Little Mountain Cemetery loses a lot its interest. But while they're still uncontrolled, the deck is pretty low profile and non dangerous: a good thing on a table. Some cards in the deck are included to take advantage of this odd timing question of not wanting to get the vampires out too soon. For example, Legendary Vampire is very strong: since the deck already plans to keep its vampires uncontrolled for a bit, it can wait to get it in hand before influencing a vampire out. Kaymakli Nightmares also follows the same logic: here it is not used to slow down the rest of the table in the beginning, it is a bloating tool that allows the deck to take back all of the blood that has been stacked in the uncontrolled region.

Obviously having more transfers is a good thing - enough blood gets stacked in the uncontrolled zone that it should be taken back in pool to resist the predator. Information Highway is useful in the long run here, to the point that it might still be useful in the middle and end game.

Bleeding with no bounce available for defense, the deck easily benefits from Narrow Minds and the can stop a greedy predator right in his tracks.


This is an original design - there are no variant for this deck.

Rule Change

The deck was built and played before the 2018 change in influencing rule [RTR 20180303]. Nowadays, one can refrain from putting a vampire in play when the blood matches their capacity. This might change quite a few things in this deck, in a good way. It makes it easier to benefit from Little Mountain Cemetery.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful . Its ability to disable a strong blocker is still an important aspect so it can have its place here.