k Tzimisce Toolbox


This is a toolbox deck using the Tzimisce and their VAI disciplines.

The plan is to get as many Tzimisce out as possible and bleed with V for stealth. Blocking from time to time, and welcoming a few combats with a vicious V module.

The deck has a threatening bleed module centered on Fiendish Tongue, an excellent bleed action in Anarch environments. V brings a bit of stealth with Changeling and Plasmic Form

The combat module is compact but threatening: Chiropteran Marauder and Breath of the Dragon can be used to inflict aggravated damage at any range.

On the defence side, the decks stacks a lot of A bounces between Telepathic Misdirection and My Enemy's Enemy. On top of that, a number of permanent intercept cards help boost the defence, with KRCG News Radio, Wall Street Night, Financial Newspaper, Aranthebes, The Immortal, Bowl of Convergence, Carlton Van Wyk and Abbot.

The deck can bloat a bit using simple Blood Doll. Both The Hungry Coyote and Library Hunting Ground can provide a good influx of blood here.

The A bounces are enough to defend against bleed decks, but votes deck are a definitive threat for this deck. This explains why the intercept defence does not include Eyes of Argus since its intercept bonus cannot be used against political actions. This is also why so many are included: the goal is to prevent Anarchist Uprising or Reins of Power to pass here, and keep the momentum up while commiting as few resources as possible for defence.

Tips & Tricks

It's important to get a vampire with superior A out fast, to make the most of the reaction module and its numerous bounces.

The Uncoiling is a silver bullet counter against The Unmasking, as allies deck with intercept can quickly become a bit of a burden here.

Wash can be used to counter a Villein and amount to a bleed for 5, counter a permanent intercept location like KRCG News Radio, or a stealth providing location for a predator likely to vote, like Monastery of Shadows.


There are a lot of ways to build a toolbox with the Tzimisce k clan. Many of them rely on a star vampire like Lambach, Sascha Vykos or Meshenka.

The Living Manse version, as seen in Juan Rodriguez' deck for the 2021 SAC, relies on more Living Manse for a bit of a slower setup but stronger finish. The deck also includes Meld With the Land and is a better fit in a combat oriented environment, with a more fragile defence against vote decks. Both deck list can be used as inspiration, as any variation between those two can be picked or discarded depending on the desired outcome.