Tzimisce Toolbox


This is a toolbox deck using the Tzimisce and their VAI disciplines.

The combat module uses Chiropteran Marauder for aggravated damage, Intercept is high with 27 reactions combining A and I. Political actions are used to deliver pool damage with Kine Resources Contested while Changeling and Mind of the Wilds are used for stealth.

Blood Doll and Villein are used to get some pool back.

The deck is a bit slow but very difficult to predict for opponents.

Tips & Tricks

This version of the deck includes a lot of cards in only 1 copy. This is a bit rare, but it makes the deck even harder to figure out for opponents. One should be careful to keep the opponents guessing as to what the deck can really do.

Under Siege is a powerful deterrent against the predator: knowing wakes are available is far more troublesome than suspecting one has it in had.


There is a lot of room for variations, including in the crypt: Sascha Vykos, The Angel of Caine, Stravinsky or Meshenka can get a star position with 3 copies.

A bit more permanent intercept is a common inclusion, with Bowl of Convergence, Revenant and Mr. Winthrop. Permanent bleed enhancement is often included too, be it with Pulse of the Canaille, J. S. Simmons, Esq. and Tasha Morgan, or Living Manse.