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p Stanislava


This is a stealth vote & bleed deck with Stanislava as a star. She uses Govern the Unaligned to help get other vampires out and Villein is used to get some pool back. The second vampire should be a Prince, preferrably Ingrid Rossler, to be able to play some Parity Shift.

As the game progresses, more big capacity titled vampires get out and Parity Shift is used both to deliver pool damage and to bloat. Vampires begin to bleed, using j for stealth with Form of Mist, Earth Control and Rapid Change.

Deflection is used for bleed defence, with some Sense the Savage Way to unlock if need be.

Tips & Tricks

Forced March and Instantaneous Transformation are extremely versatile as they can be used both for stealth or additional action, allowing a vampire to bleed and call a vote in the same turn. Stanislava can use both, but some other vampires in the crypt can use one or the other.

Murmur of the False Will can be used both for bounces and bleed enhancement, depending on the context. However, they're not supposed to be used with Stanislava herself, as bleeding for more than 3 would expose her to Archon Investigation, a chance one would be wary to take with this deck.

A Prince is required, not only for Parity Shift, but also for Papillon, an excellent device to bring some blood back on the vampires. Jake Washington is also a very efficient tool to that effect.

The Seal of Veddartha is an excellent equipment with this crypt, as most vampires miss either D or F. The +1 bleed bonus is nothing to cast aside either.


The archetype is very much known for Martin Weinmayer's build as he as been very successful with it and retained the top seat in the international classment for some years. The cards proportions may vary a little bit, some like to play some Guard Dogs, Kine Resources Contested, Vele's Hunt and/or Claws of the Dead. Ecoterrorists is also a common inclusion. Some alterations have been seen in the crypt too, like ditching Rachel Brandywine for an additional Ingrid Rossler or including Iliana or Caitlin, as they have excellent disciplines combination for a low pool, although no title to support the political side of the deck. Janne Lönnqvist's deck from 2016 is a good example.

The Old School variant uses groups 1 and 2 in the crypt instead of the group 2-3 used here. It provides Angus the Unruled and Don Cruez, The Idealist, two justicars with a nice sets of disciplines. It allows for more Royalty cards like Second Tradition: Domain and Fourth Tradition: The Accounting. Giulio De Cicco's deck from 2014 is a good example.

Since September 2019, the deck must accomodate the changes in both Parity Shift and Pentex™ Subversion. Although its long lasting position in the top tier list has been more and more debated, it is still a powerful build, as demonstrated by Sébastien Ragache's deck in 2019, a few weeks after the change.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful . Its ability to disable a strong blocker is still an important aspect so it can have its place here.

Parity Shift has been modified in the September 2019 errata. The amount of pool is no longer equal to the number of Methusalah, but is stable at 3. The card is then less powerful in the game beginning, but is still a good fit in this deck.