c Saulot Wall


This is a wall deck starring Saulot, The Wanderer and The Capuchin, with some sidekicks with the AF disciplines.

They all get Anarch using Anarch Convert, and that allows them to use good Anarch cards like Anarch Revolt, The Anarch Free Press, Monkey Wrench and Guardian Vigil.

The idea is to block problematic actions both from the prey and the predator, using A for intercept, weapons and F for combat damage prevention. The deck slowly builds up a strong position and delivers some well-timed bleeds to the prey.

Anarch Revolt and Smiling Jack, The Anarch help improve pool damage, and Monkey Wrench can be used for the lunge.

Tips & Tricks

Sire's Index Finger is a good counter against Deep Song at superior and Rötschreck, but also against i frenzy cards commonly played against weapons: Drawing Out the Beast and Terror Frenzy.

The Rack is very strong in combination with Saulot's ability: together, they make for a nice bloat.

Hidden Strength is a good way to prevent aggravated damage, but also to prevent the use of damage-based cards like Taste of Vitae and Disarm, or a combat from continuing after a Trap or Aid From Bats.


There are not many variants for this archetype. The Anarch option is rarely used, Daniel Abreu's deck from 2016 is a good example of doing it without the Anarch tech.

The Anesthesia variant uses Anesthetic Touch as the core of the combat module, like in Martin Mirza's deck from 2020. It ditches The Capuchin, relying on Saulot and one or two sidekicks. But Anesthetic Touch — with enough maneuvers — can handle most combat modules out there, wether they chose to rely on Immortal Grapple, Aid From Bats or .44 Magnum. The payload is light but, in a combat heavy environment, it can profit from the overall grind pretty much unscathed.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.