Weenie AUS


This is a wall deck using low capacity vampires with the A discipline. Anarch Convert is used to make the vampires Anarch as soon as they come into play.

Pool damage is done by putting Anarch Revolt, Smiling Jack, The Anarch and Constant Revolution into play and defending them, and using Monkey Wrench for the lunge.

The deck has very high intercept and wake capabilities. It uses the Concealed Weapon + Sniper Rifle combination for combat, and Forced Awakening and My Enemy's Enemy to bounce bleeds and increase pool damage to the prey.

It has low bloat capacities, with only Tribute to the Master and Powerbase: Montreal at hand.

The deck is slow and steady, grinding the opponents until it is in position to oust the whole table one prey after the other.

Tips & Tricks

Ashur Tablets are used only once for a bloat and a bit of recursion. If another deck on the table uses them though, one can try to negociate to use them alternatively on both side (a classic deal), thus blocking the opponent as long as he respects the deal.

Eagle's Sight can be used to intercept any action, including the prey's bleed. It can be used to specifically target any Anarch vampire the prey could have to make sure the Anarch Revolt are fully operationnal.

The Parthenon allows two Master cards per turn, potentially stacking Anarch Revolt more quickly.


There are many small variations of this archetype. .44 Magnum and Ivory Bow are often used. The given example avoids any action that could be blocked, except for a lunge bleed using Monkey Wrench and two allies. However, Aranthebes, the Immortal, Mr. Winthrop, Muddled Vampire Hunter and Bowl of Convergence are often used in other decklists following this archetype. might deserve consideration.

Non-anarch variants have been played, like Christian Chénard's deck from 2008.

The Madness variant focuses on Malkavian q in the crypt and uses Madness Network. Pascal Bertrand's deck from 2009 is a good example. This let the vampires equip, recruit and bleed at the end of the predator minion phase.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.