g Palla Grande


This is a breed & boon deck from the Toreador antitribu g clan. Low capacity vampires multiply with superior Enchant Kindred and The Embrace, then use Palla Grande to bleed hard.

A is used for defence with bounces like Telepathic Misdirection, Art Scam is heavily used for additional bloat. R provides combat defence in the form of Majesty.

The deck does not have a lot of stealth, it uses the sheer number of actions to overrun the opponents defences. That said, most actions the deck is performing have a natural +1 stealth embedded. The bleed actions, on the other hand, will only get through because of their sheer number

Tips & Tricks

The lack of stealth is compensated by a few tricks: actions can be used as bait just to invite a block and use Majesty or Change of Target for another action. If he's in the crypt, Jost Werner stealth bonus can come in handy. For the lunge, Anarch Troublemaker can help lock key minions so more bleed get through.

Entrancement is a good motivator for this deck, as one of the best defence against allies, especially one that can rush minions like Ossian or have intercept like Carlton Van Wyk. But it can also delay an Emerald Legionnaire deck substantially.

Timing is key in this deck and building a proper lunge important. One does not want to lose minions to tentative bleeds that get blocked. At the same time, the deck should not shy away from opportunities and, if the prey's defences are low, it might be best to land a few bleeds outright than just buildup with The Embrace and Art Scam.


There are a lot of variants based on this Palla Grande card.

The Grande Exhibit variant uses votes and Foundation Exhibit to include a dozen Consanguineous Boon. This means more bloat, more minions and more Embraces, like in Janne Lönnqvist's deck from 2016.

The archetype is in fact pretty close to the Rebekka / Jost archetype, so variations with Rebekka in the crypt are common, like Ginés Quiñonero's deck from 2018.

The included cards can vary a lot. Far more Entrancement can be played to disable allies deck more systematically. Charismatic Aura can be included in numbers to counter combat decks, especially those relying on Immortal Grapple. Mind Numb is also a common inclusion.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful but still has its place in the deck, as it was mainly used as a way to disable a blocker anyway.