P Nananimalism


This is a toolbox deck using Deep Song to rush or bleed and a I block and combat module.

Using Nana Buruku allows the inclusion of a lot of Ashur Tablets for a nice recursion. This lets the deck adapt to the table context while bloating. Anarch Revolt and Deep Song are used to deal pool damage and, of course, the incidental Fame can help.

Deep Song's versatility is at the core of this deck, as often in I decks. It can be used to bleed or to rush a cumbersome minion depending on the situation. The deck has decent defense with a bit of intercept, especially once a Raven Spy or two hit the table. helps with the wakes, making an opponent think twice before acting, but can also provide a welcome press when using Carrion Crows in a combat.

The combat module relies on the usual Aid from Bats + Carrion Crows long range I module, with a couple of against weapons like , and the occasional for a dodge when things get too hairy.

Tips & Tricks

Powerbase: Luanda is a nice tool for such a deck with decent combat abilities. Orian comments on the decklist that Fish should replace here just because of this card.

The deck does not have a lot of intercept, but plays Powerbase: Montreal and The Rack nonetheless, relying on the threat of a retaliation rush to protect them.

Without , the deck defense is pretty low, so it might need to rush back a bit, at least until a Raven Spy or two are employed. is also almost mandatory here, and could be doubled if heavy bleeds are to be expected.

Getting Wider View at some point helps getting rid of the spurious Nana Buruku in crypt. She's also only played in 4 copies to avoid jamming the crypt too much; other minions are needed for the deck to work well.


As often with toolboxes, a lot of potential tweaks are possible here. is a very common inclusion and or can be considered for the combat module. Aranthebes, The Immortal for defense or might also fit here.

The Weenie ANI variant plays i without Nana Buruku nor Ashur Tablets. It is arguably less versatile, and more of a rush deck than a toolbox deck, but it's still very strong. Kim Nilsson's deck from the 2016 Swedish NC is a good example.

The Resistência variant, played by Mailton Silva, ditches the Ashur Tablets to focus on a lot more Anarch Revolt. It is also leaning a bit more on the rush side, with only a few reaction cards to keep the opponents on their toes: the plan is to rush any Anarch vampire the prey could have to make sure the damage from Anarch Revolt is properly applied.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.


This archetype has been historically successful but did not register significant wins since the latest expansions: it might be less relevant today depending on your meta.