O Guillaume Real Estate


This is a powerbleed deck centered around Guillaume Giovanni as a star, using his ability to get a very large hand and profit from the incredible versatilty it provides.

The base idea is to always have acces to the right wake and bounce in hand, all the while building the axact required hand to get d bleeds through with the help of n modifiers.

Ideally, Guillaume should be influenced first, then use Govern the Unaligned at superior D to help influence a couple of sidekicks to help. The deck delivers constant pressure on its prey, while providing very few opportunities to its predator: the size of the hand guarantees a fair availability in solutions.

For combat management, the deck uses Nocturn to block potential rushers and combat ends with Spiritual Intervention just in case.

Tips & Tricks

Deflection is the main defense against bleeds, and the hand size helps make sure there's always one or two available, with the matching wake.

Guillaume's second ability, his stealth bonus for recruitments and employments, is not overlooked either: a good number of Nocturn are used as cannon fodder to defend against rushes or provide a few blocks.

Sudario Refraction, although only present in limited copies, is a key card of the deck and often allows fetching the exact cards required for a lunge. A classical move is to use the second to fetch back the first one, this way ensuring the constant ability to fetch two cards (plus the other Sudario Refraction).


One of the big questions to answer when building this decks is whether or not to Storage Annex. Some find the card awesome, others are adamantly against it. Both seem to work though, as proven by this version (no annex) and, for example Marcin's deck in contrast. It's maybe a matter of playstyle and whether or not the additional pliability is worth it for you, at the expense of stacking more other permanent location effects.

Some variants don't use Nocturn at all, relying instead on good old Giovanni O allies like Tye Cooper, Puppeteer and even the infamous Shambling Hordes. Check for example Pedro's deck from the 2015 Brazilian NC.

A recent variation includes a heavier combat module, using p to devastating effects and providing more of a deterrent than the usually lighter defensive package. Immortal Grapple and Roundhouse can certainly make the opponents think twice before they block or act against the deck, and the large hand, again, makes the module that much more effective and available. This makes the deck more of a toolbox than a powerbleed build, but it can also work, as proven by Michal's win at the Czech NC in 2022.

If the build interest you, you might want to also consult Gille's article on Information Highway, which in-depth reflexions about the archetpye from an actual specificalist.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful but still has its place in the deck, as it was mainly used as a way to disable a blocker anyway.