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i Goratrix High Tower


This is a wall deck starring Goratrix. Its superior I allows him to use Sense the Savage Way, a powerful addition to the A intercept module.

Goratrix combat ability is very good: as Theft of Vitae, its damage can not be prevented. The use of Carrion Crows for additional damage and Canine Horde against weapons makes for a powerful but slim combat module.

Magic of the Smith is used to fetch powerful equipments adapted to the table context. Heart of Nizchetus is always good, Bowl of Convergence adds additional intercept, Ivory Bow, Kevlar Vest and Ruins of Ceoris are great additions for combat.

The intercept module is very heavy, with 20 wakes not counting the Cats' Guidance, 9 bleed bounces to help deliver pool damage to the prey, and a total of 45 bonus intercept available accross 45 reaction cards.

Pool damage is done using Anarch Revolt, Army of Rats and Smiling Jack, The Anarch, with the addition of Enkil Cog at some point to have Goratrix bleed for 3 at the end of its predator's turn if he is still unlocked.

Anarch Revolt is ineffective if the prey gets Anarch vampires into play, but Eagle's Sight can be used to intercept these Anarchs whatever they do and dispose of them quickly.

Tips & Tricks

The sidekicks in the crypt also have the AI disciplines combination to help with intercept in case a Pentex™ Subversion is played.

Rutor's Hand and Mylan Horseed are used to enable Goratrix to act and still stay unlocked.

Villein and Vessel are used to bloat a bit from Goratrix, as its combat ability should ensure he never runs out of blood.

Given the disciplines span available to Goratrix, The Erciyes Fragments becomes very versatile. It can provide additional wakes and bounces but also bleed enhancers.


There are not many variants in this archetype. Read the Winds is often included in the intercept module, and surprise aggravated damage from v can be added, like Breath of the Dragon or Chiropteran Marauder.

It is possible to build a non-anarch version of this archetype. It looses the damages from Anarch Revolt, but gains access to Abbot and Powerbase: Barranquilla, like in Jakub Baranowski's deck from the 2013 Polish NC.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.


This archetype has been historically successful but did not register significant wins since the latest expansions: it might be less relevant today depending on your meta.