Black Hand


This is a stealth & bleed deck using Reunion Kamut and Recruitment Exercise to get more vampires out fast and cheap. Bleed is enhanced by permanent modifier like Camera Phone, with o modifiers for stealth.

Black Hand Seraphs have acces to the A&B enhancers Tattoo Signal and Watchtower: Four Ride Forth: this is the key of the deck. Many Black Hand vampires have o to provide enough stealth to get most actions through, bleeds or bloat alike.

A carefully chosen crypt provides a stable enough access to A to include bleed defence in the form of bounces with Telepathic Misdirection and My Enemy's Enemy.

Tips & Tricks

The Tattoo Signal and Reunion Kamut combination is the core of the deck. Once a Seraph is out, a Black Hand sidekick quickly follows and can continue to use Reunion Kamut repetitively to get more minions out. Getting the blood back in pool is also an option, providing a solid bloat if needed.

Delaying Tactics should be kept to counter Anarchist Uprising or similar votes, as they could end this deck once enough minions are out.

The deck does not have much in terms of combat defence, but low capacity sidekicks can always stay around to block any threatening action against their Seraph.


This archetype is probably the most variable in the top tier. The bloat mechanic based on Tattoo Signal and Reunion Kamut is a constant, as well as the high stealth from o. Depending on the crypt, both d and A are viable options for bounces, with Watchtower: Four Ride Forth for additional unlock. From the combat module to carefully handpicked additions, the rest varies a lot from one deck to the next.

A full fledged Banu Haqim version is also possible, as in Raúl Olvera Abellán's deck. Q provies more tricks and a stronger bleed, but A has to be dropped and the bleed defence gets that much weaker.

Another variation uses a mid capacity multi-clan crypt with d. It looses the o stealth but can be more toolboxy with more intercept thanks to Ministry and Abbot, provided the combat module packs a bit more punch. Mark Loughman's deck from 2018 is a recent example.

Elimelech the Twice Damned can be even more of a star in order to include a few E cards, especially Kindred Spirits, as in Fernando Naves Resck's deck from 2018.