Rebekka / Jost


This is a powerbleed deck starring Rebekka and Jost Werner. The deck uses the RA disciplines and the two star vampires have this nice permanent +1 stealth bonus that helps the deck get his actions through.

Enchant Kindred is used to help get more vampires out in the game beginning, and bleed afterwards. Mind Numb can be used against the prey or the predator depending on the context, to slow them down.

The deck uses no stealth apart from what the star vampires already have, but the combination of Mind Numb and Majesty makes it hard to block: Mind Numb can lock any defender and, if blocked, Majesty ends combat and unlock the acting vampire: the defender is still locked and a new action can be undertaken.

The deck uses Anarch Troublemaker and Pentex™ Subversion to help paralyze the prey a bit more. When bleeds begin to get through, Aire of Elation can be used to enhance them.

If a bleed is bounced, it uses no stealth so it can usually be blocked by the new target. This is a feature of the deck to avoid advantaging the prey if they have packed a lot of bounces, so the stealthy stars should stay away from bleeds if the bounce chance is high. The deck himself uses A for wakes and bounces, so it can add the bleed power of its predator to its own.

Tips & Tricks

Entrancement can help get rid of cumbersome allies, Mind Numb is an excellent device to slow down the predator and even make them lose a turn. Scourge of the Enochians is there to deal with breed constructs.

Delaying Tactics is the only defence available against stealth & vote builds: as Eyes of Argus can not be used against undirected political actions, intercept can never go beyond 2.

The deck plays a lot of bounces with Telepathic Misdirection and My Enemy's Enemy. They can also be used to block key actions from the opponents.


The Palla Grande variant uses a Toreador antitribu crypt, so it can use Palla Grande to increase the bleed power, like in Moisés Ferrer's deck from 2018. Art Scam and The Embrace are used to strengthen both the bloat and the pool damages.

The Paolini-Detela variant uses The Parthenon and Ashur Tablets to get a bit of recursion and help adapt the deck content to the table context. Martin Weinmayer's deck from the 2018 NAC Day 1 was an hommage to it.

This version of the decklist has proven very stable: the following year in 2019, it has won both the Czech NC in the hands of Miklos Szilveszter and the Finnish NC with Tommi Hakomaa.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful but still has its place in the deck, as it was mainly used as a way to disable a blocker anyway.