v Ventrue Grinder


This is a toolbox deck using Ventrue v Princes.

The idea is to use the Camarilla royalty access to Second Tradition: Domain for decent block capability, while using D for its usual bleed & bounce package. The combat module relies on F for prevention, with Weighted Walking Stick for additional damages.

The plan is, as usual, to get the highest capacity vampire out first to be able to play Govern the Unaligned at superior D to get more vampires out cheap and fast. Once enough of them are out, the plan is to use Govern the Unaligned at inferior d to bleed, combined with a few cards to lock minions (Anarch Troublemaker) and prevent or deny block attempts (Pentex™ Subversion, Force of Personality, Seduction, Daring the Dawn).

On the defence side, the deck has a few votes to slow down or mitigate other vote decks, coupled with Deflection against bleeds and, of course, a good number of Second Tradition: Domain to block problematic actions. When combat happens, the deck is expected to hold steady with prevention like Hidden Strength, Lodin's ability and other F cards, while taking a bit of blood out of the opposing minions with Weighted Walking Stick.

As suggested by the deck name, the point is to grind the opponents blood and pool through bleed, vote and combat, trying to secure a definitive edge in blood and pool while the game unfolds. Ideally, the deck should survive until it finds itself down to a three players game with exhausted opponents struggling for blood.

Tweaks and variants

You might want to check the main article for additional ideas and tips.

If you got access to legacy cards, replacing a couple of Deflection with Redirection to be able to handle the cancellation of the first (Direct Intervention or Touch of Clarity, for example) is a great idea. Island of Yiaros is also a great inclusion in this deck, if you can find one or get one in a tournament (it's part of the Promo Pack 3 bundle). Finally, Retribution would also be a great inclusion.

There are a number of minute adjustments one can make to this deck depending on the meta. Heart of Nizchetus is a very good fit in such a toolbox, Papillon and The Rack can be considered depending on how much you think they could help (contest and theft might be an issue with those). One or two Direct Intervention can prove useful, Scourge of the Enochians is a very common anti-swarm counter in this deck, and Dominate Kine is often seen, as a way to destroy a problematic hunting ground in the late game. Giant's Blood is a very common inclusion, but it is so much played these days that it might be a dead card more often than not. Ventrue Headquarters is a good defensive card if you expect vote decks. All in all, you should definitely adjust the decklist to your expectations: the version presented here includes is fit for an environment with a good number of allies, with Entrancement and Force of Personality. In all cases, take care to keep the deck balanced when you do these substitutions and try to stay around the 80 cards count.

Although the deck relies on Second Tradition: Domain instead of A it is, in a sense, very close to the !Ventrue Grinder archetype.

What to buy

V5 Ventrue, and Keepers of Tradition 2, plus Den of Fiends, Libertine Ball, Pact with Nephandi and First Blood: Nosferatu. A few additional cards can be traded or found in other bundles like 25th Anniversary, Parliament of Shadows and V5 Nosferatu.