k Tzimisce Toolbox


This is a toolbox deck using Tzimisce k vampires.

The idea is to bank on the very versatile I discipline: completed by V for bleed and combat, and A for intercept, it makes for a very balanced toolbox.

As usual toolboxes, cards rotation is key: card draw will determine play and you should aim to maximise the effect of the cards you get, but also adapt your strategy to what you get in hand. The deck is very balanced: it can bleed solidly with Deep Song and Changeling, but also rush with Deep Song to disable a problematic blocker or bouncer with the I and V combat cards.

Although not really a wall, the deck has good block capabilities with a number of wakes and, more importantly, a good number of Telepathic Misdirection to bounce your predator's bleeds. Those will add to your own bleeds to put a better pressure on your prey. As you don't want to jam your hand with intercept and wakes though, you'll have to choose carefully what to block on your prey and predator side. Additional defence is provided by Under Siege and the two Master cards Channel 10 and Guardian Angel.

The combat module focuses on maintaining long range with Aid from Bats, potentially adding a bit more damage when necessary with Carrion Crows, or use aggravated damage with Breath of the Dragon and Chiropteran Marauder if the opportunity arises.

Tweaks and variants

You might want to check Information Highway's article for a cheaper build for the Tzimisce k clan, using more of a wall approach.

If you got access to legacy cards, a handful of Master cards are worth considering: Rötschreck is a deadly tool to handle combats when you block, Powerbase: Barranquilla and Black Forest Base could be added for a bit more bloat. The Admonitions could replace a Dreams of the Sphinx. On the crypt side, Lady Zara Slatikov and Laika could provide a bit of diversity although, if you have access to legacy vampire you might prefer to have a look to the excellent group 2/3 possibilities for the Tzimisce k. Finally, Fiendish Tongue deserves a look: if you expect a few Anarch decks, it might be a better fit here than Deep Song.

There are a number of minute adjustments one can make to this deck depending on the meta. Carlton Van Wyk could be good, Heart of Nizchetus is also a very good fit in toolbox builds. KRCG News Radio could be added to second Channel 10. Living Manse and Plasmic Form could be added to the mix for stronger bleeds.

There are a few examples revolving around the core idea of this deck that won recent tournaments: Hugh Angseesing's deck from the 2020 UK Nationals is a similar build, more focused on offence with a lot of Plasmic Form and Fiendish Tongue instead of Deep Song. Juan Rodriguez' deck from the 2021 SAC is an interesting variation, with Asanbonsam Ghoul and a couple of War Ghoul to increase defence (both available on Print on Demand).

What to buy

A couple of Den of Fiends, plus a 25th Anniversary and a First Blood: Nosferatu. A few additional cards can be traded or found in other bundles like Pact with Nephandi, Parliament of Shadows and V5 Nosferatu. Direct Intervention can be found on Print on Demand. Righteous Endeavor was part of the Kickstarter reprint and can be traded or replaced by Lady Vadislava.