u Tremere Wall


This is a wall deck using Tremere u Princes and Justicars that have a rare access to Animalism I.

The idea is to rely on all the great Tremere disciplines (ADT), complemented by I and their royalty status for even better intercept capabilities.

As usual with D decks, the plan is to get the oldest vampire out first, to be able to use Govern the Unaligned at superior D to get more vampires out fast and cheap if possible.

The deck has a tremendous blocking power: the classical A package with Eyes of Argus and the usual intercept reactions is supported by Cats Guidance and Second Tradition: Domain for even more unlock and intercept. This 30 cards module (not counting the Obedience used for combat) provide a tightly packed range of options for wake, unlock, intercept and bounce: there's no tighter defence.

The payload is another story: the deck has to find opportunities and be ready when they arise. It uses a number of different sources of pool damage, from Smiling Jack, The Anarch that needs to be defended, to votes like Parity Shift and Anarchist Uprising, complemented by a bit of bleed with Enkil Cog and Conditioning.

When it comes down to combat, the deck uses only a few Theft Of Vitae, but its strength relies in the availability of Obedience, a reaction the deck can use to chose when to fight and when to just stop the action. Handled properly, it allows the deck to choose the fights it can win and stop those it cannot.

Tweaks and variants

If you got access to legacy cards, Sniper Rifle is a great addition to this deck. It is a great counter against close combat modules and, if you happen to get one as a neighbour, you can use Magic of the Smith to fetch it at the first opportunity. Aranthebes is also a great inclusion if you can get your hands on one. Finally, Sense the Savage Way should replace a few unlock or intercept cards.

There are a number of minute adjustments one can make to this deck depending on the meta. The combat module should be sufficient, but using a few Carrion Crows, Blood Rage or Soul Burn can help counter specific combat modules. On the same note, Pentex™ Subversion and Anarch Troublemaker can be added to fight against defensive decks. Scourge of the Enochians and Gran Madre di Dio, Italy, on the other hand, can counter swarm builds. Finally, a couple of Direct Intervention could be a great inclusion here, provided you manage to make a bit of room in the Master module, since they can help handle nasty surprises on block attempts.

What to buy

A couple Keepers of Tradition 2 plus V5 Tremere, 25th Anniversary, Den of Fiends and First Blood: Nosferatu. A few cards are found in other bundles can also be traded for: Obedience is in Parliament of Shadows but it might be tricky to get enough of those - you can trade some or replace with Carrion Crows. V5 Nosferatu can give you a second Smiling Jack, The Anarch if you do not want to get two Den of Fiends starters, and multiple bundles can provide Conditioning. Direct Intervention can be found on Print on Demand