u Tremere Grinder


This is a toolbox deck using Tremere u vampires.

The idea is to use all the great Tremere disciplines: A for defence, D for bleeds and bounces and T for combat and utility. Tremere u also have access to great clan cards.

As usual with D decks, the plan is to get the oldest vampire out first, to be able to use Govern the Unaligned at superior D to get more vampires out fast and cheap. Ideally, you want to play 2 or 3 of those at superior.

As the game advances, the deck should defend steadily, using the good amount of wakes provided by Eyes of Argus and On the Qui Vive to block or bounce dangerous actions. The deck continues its build up by getting some equipments, with usually a priority for Heart of Nizchetus or Bowl of Convergence if you have to choose for a Magic of the Smith. Allies can help with the defence, since both Carlton Van Wyk and Ponticulus are great blockers. Finally, the master cards are used to slowly set up a good bloating apparatus, with a few Vessel seconded by Powerbase: Montreal, Wasserschloss Anif and Arcane Library.

When the opportunity arises, the deck should bleed strongly with Govern the Unaligned and Conditioning, using Mirror Walk and Seduction to get the bleeds through. A block might be welcome if you have good combat options in hand, but beware of the possible bounces on your prey's side: you wouldn't want to help them too much. The art of playing this deck consist in building and defending steadily while preparing strong bleed bursts in your hand.

Finally the combat module is focused and simple: a number of Taste of Vitae, Apportation for utility, and a roaming Walk of Flame just to keep your opponents on their toes. Clearly having a .44 Magnum or Ivory Bow out at some point helps with combats, but Taste of Vitae is already awesome by itself: with a 4 blood differential, it cannot be prevented so it's one of the strongest combat cards of the game.

Tweaks and variants

Check the main article for additional variants and examples.

If you got access to legacy cards, Sniper Rifle is a great addition to this deck. It is a great counter against close combat modules and, if you happen to get one as a neighbour, you can use Magic of the Smith to fetch it at the first opportunity. Aranthebes is also a great inclusion if you can get your hands on one.

There are a number of minute adjustments one can make to this deck depending on the meta. If combat is heavy in your circle, with p Immortal Grapple preventing you to use your Theft of Vitae, consider using more maneuvers and guns, maybe adding a few Rego Motum. If longer combats with maneuvers are a thing (like modules using Aid from Bats for example), consider adding a few Walk of Flame. If intercept tends to run high, a few Bonding and a Pentex™ Subversion might be in order. This deck is mostly about balance: you need to try it and adapt to your playstyle and playgroup. It should perform pretty well as it is, but the balance between offense, defence and combat can be adjusted to fit your needs.

It is possible to build a variant with higher capacity vampires like Karl Schrekt, Gerald Windham, Gabrielle Di Righetti, Lord Tremere or Mistress Fanchon. In this case, you'd want to use the Zillahs Valley / Villein combination to start a bit faster, with a couple of Information Highway on top. This opens a up a few possibilities like using Obedience, Murmur of the False Will and Enkil Cog. Monastery of Shadows and Giant's Blood become great inclusions, and you can always try a couple of Rutor's Hand for more actions.

What to buy

A couple V5 Tremere plus Keepers of Tradition 2, Pact with Nephandi and Den of Fiends. A few cards found in other bundles can also be traded for.