E The unnamed


This is a stealth & bleed deck using The unnamed as star vampire. The idea is to bleed each turn with The unnamed. The deck aims to put Enkil Cog and use Instantaneous Transformation or Homunculus to unlock and bleed twice (once in your turn, once during an opponent's turn).

R bleed enhancers like Legal Manipulations and Aire of Elation, coupled with O for stealth provide a strong steady bleed. J provides additional stealth with Form of Mist and Instantaneous Transformation, two very versatile cards. Finally, I Am Legion provides a counter against A bounces like Telepathic Misdirection but can also cancel some a intercept or just get discarded on a successful action if the prey does not use a.

On the defence side, the deck provides a number of options. Unleash Hell's Fury can deter bleeds, but also rushes. Condemnation: Mute and Arishat are great against political decks, while Xeper and Entrancement help counter allies decks. But the biggest defence of the deck is its ability to bloat: between The unnamed's ability and Tend the Flock, the deck already regenerates pool fast, but multiple other cards help with that like Legal Manipulations and I Am Legion.

There are two important points to keep in mind. First, The unnamed needs blood for key cards, so blood management is key: a number of cards help like The Coven, Perfectionist and Vessel. Second, Tend the Flock requires a younger vampire in crypt. You are supposed to get the blood back in your pool at the end of your turn: influencing some sidekicks might be useful but should only be done if there is an option left in the crypt for future Tend the Flock.

One last trick to consider is the timing of the additional bleed action once Enkil Cog is in play. Bleeding at the end of your predator turn is standard, since it gets you the edge and an additional pool. But bleeding during your prey's turn can be interesting: first you don't have to worry about Archon Investigation (the prey cannot play it during their turn), but also this can give you just the pool you need to survive before your predator takes their turn.

Tweaks and variants

Check the main article for more information about this deck. You might also be interested in the Information Highway article, for a cheaper version.

A couple of legacy cards can help improve this deck. Flurry of Action is great here and can replace a few bleed actions. Sense The Sin is cheaper than Aire of Elation, Eluding the Arms of Morpheus useful for additional unlock and Rötschreck is a great security belt. D'habi Revenant is slightly better than J.S. Simmons, Esq.. Contagion and Ruins of Charizel are interesting options, but not necessary ones. Mental Maze can be added for combat defence, but is only worth the slot if you expect heavy combat modules that The unnamed's ability can't deter.

There are a few variations to this deck. One can focus on more Legal Manipulations and forego the Enkil Cog / Homunculus combo. Alternatively, a handful of Shatter The Gate can be added for additional damage, but it's hardly necessary. Finally, minor tweaks can be considered, like adding Pentex™ Subversion or Mylan Horseed.

What to buy

A couple Heirs to the Blood 1 plus 25th Anniversary and Anthology 1, coupled with First Blood: Malkavian and V5 Malkavian for the o cards. r cards come from Libertine Ball and First Blood: Toreador. You might want to do a few trades or adapt the decklist for a few cards like Dark Influences, the eighth Instantaneous Transformation and third Enkil Cog, or a few cards coming from a third Heirs to the Blood 1 and First Blood: Nosferatu. Print on Demand can provide you with Condemnation: Mute and optionnaly with Direct Intervention if you want to replace Dark Influences.

As a closing comment, you might want to procure a V5 Ministry on top of it all, since it will provide a number of fun and interesting options to consider for this deck.