e Samedi Rush


This is a rush deck using Samedi e and the ominous H discipline.

The plan is to take down the prey's vampire and use Blessings of the Loa to bleed hard. The combat module relies mainly on H, especially on Groaning Corpse and Relentless Reaper, with a few F cards for prevention and mobility.

Relentless Reaper is an excellent card to keep a combat going and counter Combat Ends and Dodge. On top of that, playing multiple rounds combined with Mambo Jeanne or Groaning Corpse is deadly, and the option to prevent a damage is always good.

Having f also allows for the use of Freak Drive for multiple rush actions in a single turn. This also means that a bleed getting through does not prevent a minion to just unlock and rush afterwards.

Because the decks's defence is close to none, special attention to the predator is required, although disabling all vampires around the table going backwards is not a winning strategy. The deck should be able to keep any predator at bay while also putting decent pressure on their prey. As a rush deck, table control is the main focus here - getting the number of players down to 3 while surviving is the most important part: once only a few players remain, disabling all the vampires around the table should be possible.

Tweaks and variants

There are a not a lot of variants here, althoug a few legacy cards are very good inclusions, like Pulled Fangs, Bum's Rush and Rigor Mortis. There are other possible inclusions, like a few Reanimated Corpse for the oust, Ossian for additional rushes or Scourge of the Enochians against swarms.

There is some wiggling room in the combat module, especially when it comes down to damage prevention and mobility: Soak can be used against environmental damage like Carrion Crows, Rolling with the Punches can be used in more copies if one expects a high combat threat.

What to buy

The bulk of the cards come from two Lost Kindred bundles, with additions from Heirs to the Blood 1, Pact with Nephandi and First Blood: Ventrue, plus a few cards that can be found in various bundles or traded.