s Nosferatu Primogens


This is a rush deck using Nosferatu s primogens and I bleed & combat.

Deep Song is the cornerstone of the deck's strategy. It serves as a bleed or rush device depending on the situation. The I combat module, using Aid From Bats and Carrion Crows, is supported by additional maneuvers from Swallowed by the Night. The plan is to use the rush abilities of the deck to keep control of the table, disable potential Bounces on the prey side by taking down vampires, then bleed for the oust.

Playing Nosferatu s allows a few Creeping Sabotage in addition to Army of Rats for more pool damage. Both Larissa Moreira and Lenny Burkhead have a good bleed bonus, and The Dowager has a very neat intercept bonus. Playing Primogen allows for the inclusion of the new Protected District, a very nice defensive tool, both on the bleed and the political side.

The only stealth used is Swallowed by the Night because of its versatility: it can easily be cycled during a combat or provide and additional maneuver to stay at long range on top of Aid From Bats. Adding more stealth to the deck will most likely disrupt the balance and fluidity of the combat and reaction modules.

Tweaks and variants

There are a lot of possible strategies with these Nosferatu s primogens. Leaning on a more defensive side, with more Creeping Sabotage and reactions like Cats' Guidance and The Warrens is also a possibility - in that case obviously, far less Deep Song and a reduced combat module are in order.

A few good potential inclusions have not yet been reprinted, especially when it comes down to the combat module. A few Target Vitals could be replaced by some Terror Frenzy or Canine Horde, to counter opposing combat modules revolving around close range strikes or weapons like .44 Magnum.

The balance of the deck when it comes down to proportions heavily depends on your local meta. More Deep Song might be required against Combat Ends, or even a few Immortal Grapple. Scourge of the Enochians and even Anarchist Uprising might be included against swarm decks. Heart of Nizchetus can also be a useful inclusion, although it does not feel required.

What to buy

The bulk of the cards come from two V5 Nosferatu decks, with additions from Keepers of Tradition 1, Anthology 1, and First Blood: Nosferatu. Direct Intervention is available as Print on Demand.