q Lutz Vote


This is a bleed & vote deck using Malkavian q Inner Circle Lutz Von Hohenzollern and Justicar Unmada.

The plan is to get Lutz and one or two sidekick Prince or Justicar out, using the Zillah's Valley + Villein combination to get them out fast and cheap. Once there, the vote lock should be easy, with a few Perfect Paragon to help just in case. The sidekicks can use Parity Shift to bloat a bit, but the bulk of the damage will come from Kine Resources Contested and Banishment provides additional control. In all cases, Lutz' ability kicks in for additional damage.

O is used for stealth, and R to get some blood back with Voter Captivation and combat defence in the form of combat ends like Majesty and Force of Personality. Incidentally, it also provides a couple of Entrancement to allow stealing critical allies like Carlton Van Wyk.

Lutz can be used to either call a vote or bleed for 3, depending on the situation. A bit of bleed defence is included with Telepathic Misdirection, but the deck relies a lot more on bloat to stay alive, with Villein for 5 and Parity Shift.

Tweaks and variants

Enkil Cog is a common inclusion, as well as Scourge of the Enochians against swarms. Dark Influences could be considered, since it's a good counter against Direct Intervention, a pretty annoying defence against Entrancement and "once per game" votes. A bit of additional Telepathic Misdirection might be in order in a bleed-heavy meta, in which case some wakes in the form of Eyes of Argus and On the Qui Vive might help. If you have access to legacy cards, Undele is a very common crypt inclusion.

Another worthy alternative is to use not-yet-reprinted Maris Streck as the main sidekick to Lutz. Her ability, coupled with a few Second Tradition: Domain and Eyes of Argus, improves the deck blocking ability, providing better defence overall but also opening the possibility of Mental Maze (available as Print on Demand) for rush defence: a sturdy counter against combat-oriented decks.

The main article about the archetype presents additional variants.

What to buy

The bulk of the cards come from two Keepers of Tradition 1, a V5 Malkavian, 25th Anniversary and First Blood: Malkavian. The V5 Toreador, Libertine Ball and Keepers of Tradition 2 provide useful additions to that base, but might be spared provided you adjust the decklist or trade a few cards.