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Q Harbinger Legionnaires


This is an allies toolbox deck relying on Emerald Legionnaire.

Hoping to get Khurshid out fast as a first vampire, the deck relies on its strong combat ability coupled with A for blocks. The plan is to get another Harbinger Q out, then Anu Diptinatpa later in the game. All the while, using Liquidation for bloat and aiming to recruit an Emerald Legionnaire to bring back the others from the ash heap.

The deck builds up slowly and steadily. Once an Emerald Legionnaire is out, he should be protected so he can bring back his mates from the ash heap on the next unlock phase. A few Vengeful Spirit can be stacked on the Harbinger vampires to augment the bleed power, The Unmasking and Anu Diptinatpa both improve the Emerald Legionnaire capacities.

The deck originality is in the inclusion of Gear Up, an excellent card when you got your ash heap full of cards and possibilities early thans to Liquidation. It also includes very specific counters and meta-related cards, like Soul Feasting against other Emerald Legionnaire builds or to remove one that was stolen, Trochomancy against decks that use their ash heap with Emerald Legionnaire or Ashur Tablets, and Direct Intervention against Entrancement or Anarchist Uprising and similar votes.

Tweaks and variants

The deck originates from the Emerald Legion archetype, but is mostly a tweak of Antti Penttilä's Khurshid Dream Team. As can be seen in the original list, a few non-BCP cards could be useful inclusions, like Erebus Mask and My Enemy's Enemy.

Other small tweaks can be considered: adding more Dreams of the Sphinx, if you're not concerned about too many contests, is a great way to cycle cards and fill your ash heap faster. The Heart of Nizchetus is also worth consideration. Finally, the crypt can also be changed a bit: doubling either Anu Diptinatpa for bleed improvement or Angelique for blood economy makes sense.

What to buy

Necromancy n cards are available on Print on Demand, and the Harbinger Q cards come from the Lost Kindred set. Most of the other cards come from Heirs to the Blood 1 and Anthology 1. The last few cards can be found from diverse sets, like V5 or Sabbat Precons decks, or replaced if you don't have them. Funeral Wake was included in the Kickstarter bundle The Unaligned.