E Infernal Princes


This is a vote deck using Arishat as a star, and Princes and Barons with o for stealthy votes.

The game plan is to invest massively in titled vampires, getting them out fast with an early Information Highway and recouping pool from the opponents with constant Parity Shift and some Voter Captivation. The Barons offer massive damage thanks to Reckless Agitation. o provides stealth and r combat defense and vote push.

The deck is small and dense and includes an Ashur Tablets for recursion: as the game progresses, it can adapt the proportion of Parity Shift to the situation and forgo Reckless Agitation before entering the endgame duel (since Reckless Agitation requires at least 2 opponents to be played).

Tips & Tricks

The Parthenon and Rumors of Gehenna offer welcome additional master phase actions to get full benefits from Ashur Tablets and Dreams of the Sphinx for recursion and cycling.

The decks makes heavy use of Forgotten Labyrinth as the main stealth modifier: it costs blood but it easily gets above a Second Tradition: Domain and votes are undirected so some very widespread intercept reactions like Eyes of Argus or Deep Ecology won't help the opponents. 3 stealth undirected is hard to block. That said, now that Protection Racket and Organized Resistance appear more an more (especially now that Gangrel Barons are a thing), newer variants of the deck tend to include more stealth modifiers on top of it. But it's a delicate balance if one wants to avoid jamming the hand.

Arishat is a great vampire here but not a necessity. She can bring 3 to 5 votes worth with her ability by disabling an opponent's titled vampire, but she's also the only who can play Unleash Hell's Fury, a great card for defense.

A couple of Second Tradition: Domain offer tactical intercept that can come in handy to surprisingly block a key action from an opponents, while using Majesty to avoid combat. It adds a bit of flexibility to an otherwise very forceful forward deck.

Pool management is a bit tricky: the plan is to be consistently lower in pool than the opponents to be able to pump it back up with Parity Shift, only to invest it again in more titled vampires. This is a risky cycle that requires a keen evaluation of the predator's lunge power to actually work.


The deck presented here is the original list played by Emilio and devised by Bram, it was built before the V5 Anarch preconstructed decks were published, so the crypt can be tinkered with by adding for example Elisha Tucker or Warmaksan. Many variants include a few more cards, mostly more o stealth, Majesty or Unleash Hell's Fury to adapt to different meta. See for example Leonardo Villela's deck, winning the 2022 SAC.

In a sense, the Infernal Ministry archetype can be considered a variation on the theme. The strategy is a bit different since it does not use Parity Shift of course, but getting access to the Barons Bait and Switch makes for a completely different, but also very effective, defense module.