r Infernal Ministry


This is a vote deck using Arishat as a star, and Ministry Barons for support.

The game plan is to land high damage votes like Reckless Agitation, Kine Resources Contested and Eat the Rich regularly, using o for stealth and r for vote pushing. Arishat controls the opponents' votes, both with her ability and with Condemnation: Mute, effectively disabling any problematic voters on the table.

The defense module is small but effective, using Majesty to avoid combat and Organized Resistance and Bait and Switch for bleed defense. Villein is used to recoup pool from the vampires and, coupled with Voter Captivation can allow for heavy bloating and more minions rather steadily.

Tips & Tricks

The decks makes heavy use of Forgotten Labyrinth as the main stealth modifier: it costs blood but it easily gets above a Second Tradition: Domain and votes are undirected so some very widespread intercept reactions like Eyes of Argus or Deep Ecology won't help the opponents. 3 stealth undirected is hard to block.

Garibaldi‑Meucci Museum is a key card here, since it can fetch back votes (Reckless Agitation, Eat the Rich) or bounces (Bait and Switch) depending on the situation. Moreover, it can protect the vampires from some dangerous combats.

The number of Information Highway is unusally high, because it can help getting more titled vampires out more quickly, and get the Villein / Voter Captivation going faster.

The deck does not shy away from bleeding from time to time when there's an opening. Monkey Wrench can be used to maximise these opportunities, otherwise getting the edge even with just a bleed for one might be all what's needed to pass Eat the Rich.

Unleash Hell's Fury is a key defensive device here. It can really slow down big capacity predators. Swarm decks will not be too hindered by it though, but Anarchist Uprising and Ancilla Empowerment can take care of those in one swift move.


The inclusion of Xeper is very specific to the deck presented here: it's more often absent because of his high cost and replaced by a couple of Entrancement in library. On the reaction side, On the Qui Vive is often preferred to Organized Resistance since it does not force a block. Some additional Infernal tools can be included too, like Veneficti or Kaymakli Fragment.

The idea is close to the Infernal Princes archetype. Strong votes under o, the heavy use of Forgotten Labyrinth and a bit of r for vote pushing and Voter Captivation, make them share more than half their cards. But the defense strategies are very different: going Condemnation: Mute and Bait and Switch or going Parity Shift with more minions are different game plans.