n Haqim Royalty


This is a toolbox deck using Banu Haqim n Princes and Justicar.

The deck revolves around Haqim's Law: Retribution to provide strong bleeds from a very heavy combat module. As most royalty builds, defense takes the form of Second Tradition: Domain for blocks and Parity Shift for a bit of bloat and opportunistic pool damage.

The combat module is dreadful. Hunger of Marduk coupled with additional strikes from c, can consistently empty the blood from opponents vampires, and the maneuverability should guarantee the range choice most of the time (and avoid Immortal Grapple or aggravated Claws of the Dead).

Tips & Tricks

The main weakness of the deck is its light defense. Intercept does not often go above the 2 from Second Tradition: Domain, and this might not be enough to stop well-stealthed vote or bleed decks. The absence of bounce makes bloat necessary: here Villein, Parity Shift and the excellent Priority Contract. Although unique, it will not stay in play for long if the target is chosen well given the heavy combat module, so it's an almost guaranteed 3 pool. It also works if the prey gets ousted (since their vampires leave the game because of the oust), and it's a trifle!

Resist Earth's Grasp and Swallowed by the Night are very versatile in this deck: they can provide stealth and, in case the prey does not even try to block, they can be discarded to Haqim's Law: Retribution for additional bleed. Although only a couple of the vampires have the necessary O to play Swallowed by the Night at superior in combat, most of them can use Resist Earth's Grasp at either level.

A couple of Hunter's Mark provide some rushes that can be used anywhere for table control, but mostly as a countermeasure to slow down a strong predator (since Priority Contract cannot be used backwards).


The combat module varies a lot depending on the expected meta. Rego Motum and Psyche are common inclusion, as well as anti-weapon cards like Blood Rage, Soul Burn or Fast Hands. The version presented here includes an unusual quantity of equipments coupled with Magic of the Smith, other versions use just more combat cards or more Hunter's Mark to be able to control the pedator.

Anathema has seen some play and, while it looks like a great bloat module for this deck, actually passing the vote and then triggering the effect can be very tricky, whereas Parity Shift is easier.

The main variant of this deck has been inaugured by Karl Schaefer and forgoes Kasim Bayar to focus on a lower capacity crypt. The idea is to build more of a swarm using The Embrace (Web of Knives Recruit or Third Tradition: Progeny could also be considered), and rely on a bloat with Consanguineous Boon instead of trying to bloc with Second Tradition: Domain or rush backwards.