Weenie ANI

This is an entry in the Bibliodèque project.

This is a variant of a major tournament archetype: here is the analysis of a tournament-winning decklist of the archetype instead.


This is a rush deck using Deep Song to rush or bleed and a I combat module with Carrion Crows and Aid from Bats.

Using Nana Buruku allow to play a lot of Ashur Tablets for a nice recursion. This lets the deck adapt to the table context while bloating.

Fame and Dragonbound are used to improve pool damage.

Using low ad mid capacity vampires let the deck use a decent amout of naked "bleed for 1" actions or inferior i Deep Song to get some pool damage to its prey.

It is a very solid deck, with good defence against the predator and decent pool damage towards its prey. Although it is not a very fast damage dealer, rush actions let it control the table nicely.

Tips & Tricks

Powerbase: Luanda and Well‑Marked are nice tools for a rush deck. They can be used by both Nana Buruku and Fish.

The deck does not have a lot of intercept, but plays Powerbase: Montreal and The Rack nonetheless, relying on the threat of a retaliation rush to protect them.

Just including a bit of wakes and some intercept enhancers like Cats' Guidance and Sense the Savage Way keep the other players guessing on wether the deck can block or not.

Getting Wider View at some point helps getting rid of the spurious Nana Buruku in crypt. She's also only played in 4 copies to avoid jamming the crypt too much; other minions are needed for the deck to work well.


The Anarch variant uses Anarch Convert to make the vampires anarch, along Anarch Revolt to improve pool damage, taking down any Anarch vampire on the prey side using rush actions. Orian Gissler's deck from the 2018 French NC is a good example.

The Weenie ANI plays i without Nana Buruku nor Ashur Tablets. Kim Nilsson's deck from the 2016 Swedish NC is a good example.

The Toolbox variant includes more intercept, like Ádám Horváth's deck from 2010, with Aranthebes, The Immortal and Raven Spy.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.