k War Ghouls


This is a rush deck using multiple War Ghoul to rush the opponents vampires.

The idea is to get a War Ghoul into play as soon as possible, using a low capacity Tzimisce and Jake Washington. The War Ghoul then proceeds to taking down every vampire on the table, using Fake Out and Trap as needed.

Other allies and retainers can be recruited to be sacrificed to more . Ossian, if he is drawn, may even be better than a War Ghoul.

The deck uses low capacity vampires with A to bounce bleeds and intercept. Pool damage is done with Dragonbound and naked bleed once all the prey's vampires are down.

Tips & Tricks

This a fast and aggressive deck and will likely attract the table attention. It should try to keep control of the whole table if possible.

Letting some vampires live on the predator side can be a good way to bounce their bleed and deliver additional pool damage to the prey.


The Maris variant uses Maris streck for Parity Shift and Anathema. Check Emiliano Imeroni's deck from the 2012 Belgian NC.

The Piper variant is an anarch version using Anarch Convert and Piper in order to bring War Ghoul into play unopposed, as in Antonio Cobo Cuenca's deck from 2008.