v The Bleeding Vignes


This is a powerbleed deck using Edward Vignes and low capacity vampires with the dr disciplines. Edward Vignes ability to counter rush actions with a discard is an excellent protection against combat-oriented decks.

Bonding and Seduction are used to get the bleed through. Anarch Troublemaker, Misdirection and Pentex™ Subversion are used to lock the prey vampires, together with the R combination Mind Numb + Majesty.

Deflection and Delaying Tactics are used for defence.

Getting some blood back on Edward Vignes is critical, as many cards he uses have a blood cost, so The Coven, Giant's Blood and Jake Washington are included. Even Blood Doll can be used to move blood from the pool. In this example, Life in the City is added to get even more blood back on the table.

Tips & Tricks

The name of the archetype is a wordplay referring to Bleeding the Vine.

Daring the Dawn and Foreshadowing Destruction are used for the lunge. The use of Direct Intervention on a modifier like Conditioning prevents it to be played again on the same action (as a modifier can only be played once and, even if countered). Using an alternative bleed enhancer is permitted though (the modifier did not apply, so limited bleed enhancement is still possible). Foreshadowing Destruction can even save a lunge this way.

The deck is expected to be very aggressive toward its prey and get a quick victory point in the game beginning, so The Bitter and Sweet Story makes sense as it will help keeping some momentum afterwards.


There are not many variations to this archetype. Life in the City is an original inclusion, Entrancement and Force of Personality are often included.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful . Its ability to disable a strong blocker is still an important aspect so it can have its place here.