Rock Cats

This is an entry in the Bibliodèque project.

This is a variant of a major tournament archetype: here is the analysis of a tournament-winning decklist of the archetype instead.


This is a rush deck using Tupdog and their PU disciplines combination to dispose of opponents vampires. The crypt is spammed with Tupdog to an unusual 24 cards count. The size of the crypt alone is often enough for the opponents to recognize the archetype.

The combat module uses Brick by Brick to set the range, Immortal Grapple to prevent dodges and S:CE ("Strike: Combat Ends") and Raking Talons for aggravated damage. Torn Signpost or Amaranth are used to destroy cumbersome vampires.

As the Tupdog needs a master to be able to act, Antonio d'Erlette is a perfect fit. He also comes with his friends the Nephandus, they're here to bleed the prey, helped by some Computer Hacking.

The Nephandus can also defend a bit with The Unmasking. Also, Deflection is used for bounces by Antonio d'Erlette.

This is a fast and brutal deck, which must handle its predator sooner rather than later, as most opponents will gladely let her dispose of the deck if she can.

Tips & Tricks

A bit of additional intercept is provided by permanents: Channel 10, KRCG News Radio and Aranthebes, The Immortal.

Only 4 copies of Antonio d'Erlette are in the crypt as to not jam it.

Yawp Court is an interesting counter against political constructs: as Tupdog are Sabbat, they can use it.


Computer Hacking are not often used and Target Vitals is often included as it can be used by the Nephandus. Before 2010 (release date of Heirs to the Blood and Brick by Brick), Crawling Chamber was used to maneuver, but it was less efficient.

Graverobbing is often included instead of Amaranth, to steal vampires to help oust the prey faster. It forces Antonio d'Erlette to take a risky action though: if he is disabled, the Tupdog can not act anymore.

As for the Nephandii archetype, the deck works well with The Parthenon and some Ashur Tablets. Martin Weinmayer's deck from 2019 is a good example.

The Cats and Dogs variant replaces the commonly used Nephandus by some Rock Cat for additional rushes, like in Danilo Torrisi's deck from 2013. A bit of bloat is needed to pay for them though, Danilo's idea was to use Autarkis Persecution.