p Renegade Assault


This is a rush deck using Renegade Garou and low capacity j vampires to take down other minions around the table. Tribute to the Master is used to bloat and naked bleed actions are used to deliver pool damage to the prey.

The combat module is strong and heavy, and Target Vitals and Weighted Walking Stick can be used indistinctively by vampires or werewolves. Fame is used for additional pool damage on the prey.

If Jacob Fermor gets into play, werewolves see their bleed boosted, which can be nice for the lunge.

Tips & Tricks

The Unmasking transform the werewolves into good blockers, which is always nice defensively.

Poison Pill is an alternative to Delaying Tactics: it costs less blood and can disable a damage dealing vote like Reins of Power.

Direct Intervention is a very effective counter against anti-ally actions like Entrancement.

Earth Meld is an effective combat defence to protect the low capacity vampires.


The main variant includes more copies of Jacob Fermor and Renegade Garou to make the most of the core combination of the deck. Antti Tirilä's deck from 2009 is a good example. It also includes Dragonbound and Camera Phone to enhance pool damage.