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The archetype has consistently won tournaments: here is the analysis of a tournament-winning decklist of the archetype instead.


This is an allies toolbox deck focused on the Nephandus ally. Antonio d'Erlette is the star of the deck: he gets some Nephandus out without even taking an action someone could block.

The combat module is designed to be playable by the Nephandus themselves, using presses, Molotov Cocktail and Target Vitals.

The Master module uses The Parthenon to play two Master cards per turn, allowing for the efficient use of Ashur Tablets and Liquidation to bloat and adapt the deck to the table context as the game progresses.

Haven Uncovered and Frontal Assault are used to let the Nephandus rush the opponents minions, while The Unmasking improves their interception capabilities.

Fame, Tension in the Ranks and Dragonbound are used to improve pool damage.

Some Tupdog are used to rush even more, although their disciplines are not used at all.

Antonio d'Erlette or a sidekick can use Deflection and Delaying Tactics for defence.

Tips & Tricks

Secure Haven can be used to protect Antonio d'Erlette, but also to contest another one if need be.

Disciplines are not much used in the deck, so The Slow Withering is a nice inclusion to cripple opponents decks, plus it is another Gehenna event Fortschritt Library can fetch.

Direct Intervention should be kept in hand to counter anti-ally actions like Entrancement.


The Mafioso variant ditches the heavy Master module The Parthenon, Ashur Tablets and Liquidation to use Magic of the Smith and Empowering the Puppet King instead, like in Hugh Angseeing's deck from 2008.

Other variants complete the crypt in original ways, to get more bloat with Assamite D vampires like in Greg Williams' deck from 2008, or some bloat but also more bleed with Toreador antitribu g and Palla Grande, like in Jordi Tomás' deck from 2010. Jonathan Sanchez Rios' deck from 2011 even includes the Imbued Béatrice for cheap additional bleed.

Although this is a different archetype, Nephandus can also be used alongside Tupdog in the Tupdogs archetype.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.

Anthelios, The Red Star has been banned in 2016. Its removal may have a bit of impact on the Master module.