O Giovanni Powerbleed


This is a powerbleed deck of the Giovanni O clan. D is used for bleeds and bounces, and N for block denial, a bit of stealth and combat defence.

As usual, the highest capacity vampire should be influenced first, so that Govern the Unaligned can be used at superior D to get more vampires out cheap and fast. Once it got three vampires ready, the deck proceeds with the bleeds, using Govern the Unaligned at inferior d, plus modifiers for a bit of stealth, like Bonding and Spectral Divination.

The deck has almost no defence against votes but, at the same time, most votes won't have too much of an impact on it. It still has a Delaying Tactics just in case, and Spectral Divination can always provide a bit of intercept if needed.

The deck is fast and brutal. It does not have a lot of stealth but the vampires are cheap, so they're out fast and start bleeding early. Anarch Troublemaker and Pentex™ Subversion can help disable potential blockers, and a bit of stealth, plus block denial with Seduction and Call of the Hungry Dead can overcome most defences.

Tips & Tricks

Trochomancy is an interesting modifier: not only does it enhance the bleeds, it is also a good counter against Ashur Tablets and Emerald Legionnaire.

The cards tend to cost quite a lot of blood to the vampires: hence, The Coven, Jake Washington and Perfectionist are included to regenerate a bit.

The combat module is a mix of Spiritual Intervention and Breath of Thanatos: the opponents will have to ponder the risk of the latter before coming in for a rush.


A lot of minute changes can be considered:

  • Anarch Convert or Tupdog can help fluidify the crypt — and provide an expandable blocker against rushes.
  • Misdirection can be added or replace either Anarch Troublemaker or Pentex™ Subversion. The Uncoiling should be considered, if only to remove a cumbersome The Unmasking.
  • Command of the Beast can be added, just to make it hard for the opponents to get the potential bleed amount right.
  • One or two Sudario Refraction can help fetch the right cards at the right moment — although it won't help against strong blockers.
  • Acquired Ventrue Assets can be added as yet another way to regenerate a bit of blood.
  • The Giovanni O have great allies that can come in handy, like Tye Cooper, Ambrosius, Puppeteer, Felix and Leonardo. Including them might render Breath of Thanatos more versatile and provide a welcome anti-rush defence, but might also need a bit of protection with a couple of Far Mastery to get them back if they're stolen: all in all it's good support but can also hurt the card flow.


    Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful but still has its place in the deck, as it was mainly used as a way to disable a blocker anyway.