k Fear Factor


This is a wall deck using the Tzimisce and their VAI disciplines.

The combat module uses Chiropteran Marauder and Breath of the Dragon to deliver aggravated damages, Horrid Form and Carrion Crows to improve damages and get a chance to burn some vampires, and Telepathic Tracking to cancel S:CE ("Strike: Combat Ends").

Pool damage is done by naked bleeds and Smiling Jack, The Anarch and Dragonbound later in the game.

The intercept module is heavy, with only a few bounces. Eternal Vigilance is used to get as many wakes as needed.

The deck has a bit of rush capabilities with Haven Uncovered and Deep Song.

This is a very slow deck, patiently taking down vampires around the table and getting its victory once the rest of the table is crippled enough.

Tips & Tricks

Eagle's Sight can be used to block cross table actions or the prey's bleed, a good way to control the table.

The Master module uses Villein to bloat and has many options to bring back some blood on the vampires so they do not get exhausted during the game.

Scourge of the Enochians is a counter against breed constructs as they can become overwhelming for this deck.


Fame and Army of Rats are often included to improve pool damage. The combat module can vary quite a bit, using I more with Carrion Crows or focusing on aggravated damage and using Rötschreck. Abbot and Revenant can be added to the intercept module, which often contains more Telepathic Misdirection to bounce bleeds.

In a sense, the Malgorzata archetype is pretty close to it, dropping I to use big capacity vampires with very strong abilities.

Although this is a different archetype, is a close one, also using the AI combination, but with T instead of V.