G Euro Brujah


This is a Camarilla Royalty Toolbox Brujah deck using the few titled Brujah with d to be able to use Govern the Unaligned and some Deflection. Other than that, the deck uses the rather classical combination of Second Tradition: Domain and Parity Shift Camarilla Princes and Justicars have access to.

PC makes for a dreadful combat module, and Theo Bell and Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit have the ability to rush opponents vampires to take them down with it. Furthermore, Second Tradition: Domain is an excellent reaction that often results in a combat too.

Govern the Unaligned is used in the game beginning to get vampires out cheaper and faster, but it is an excellent bleed action later on.

Tips & Tricks

The oldest vampire with D should be put into play first in order to be able to use Govern the Unaligned on the younger vampires.

Fame and New Carthage are excellent pool damage enhancers.

The combat module has a lot of tricks to it: Immortal Grapple prevents Strike: Combat Ends and Dodge, Pursuit can be enough to get to close range against a single maneuver but, if the opponent insists on getting to long range, Thrown Sewer Lid can be used to take him down. Blur and Pursuit can deliver more damages through more strikes, then Disarm can put any vampire into torpor. Finally, Sideslip can help dodge a dreadful strike, get a Disarm through or prevent aggravated damage from Wolf Claws or Chiropteran Marauder.


There are a few variations around the crypt and the minion cards, especially the combat module. Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit is a rare inclusion and this example has a huge focus on combat. Other decks from this archetype can use d bleed enhancers like Conditioning and some Bum's Rush. Michael Heyder's deck from the 2008 German NC is another example of the archetype.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.

Villein has been modified by an errata in June 2018 to limit the blood taken to a maximum of 5. It should still be as efficient as ever in this archetype, though.

Parity Shift has been modified in the September 2019 errata. The amount of pool is no longer equal to the number of Methusalah, but is stable at 3. The card is then less powerful in the game beginning, but is still a good fit in this deck.