Q Emerald Legionnaire

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The archetype has consistently won tournaments: here is the analysis of a tournament-winning decklist of the archetype instead.


This is a allies toolbox deck using Emerald Legionnaire.

This version uses Erlik as a star: his ability lets the player get another Harbinger out fast and cheap. The fact that he has C lets him use the excellent Forced March for stealth and unlock.

The idea is to defend and get an Emerald Legionnaire out, then bring the others back from the ash heap if they are there. Once The Unmasking and FBI Special Affairs Division hit the table, they're a solid defence.

Liquidation is used to bloat and can put some Emerald Legionnaire but also the cards to power their ability in the ash heap.

As the game progresses, Emerald Legionnaire are used to bleed. Vengeful Spirit helps to boost the Harbinger bleeds, too. Inevitability of the Void is used to lunge.

Tips & Tricks

To be able to use their ability, an Emerald Legionnaire must be put into play by recruiting it: the ones in the ash heap can not have their effect used — their card text is ignored as long as they are in the ash heap. In order to manage to get at least one into play, the deck packs quite a bit of stealth, and uses recruitment specialized modifiers like Shroud Mastery and Breath of Thanatos .

A key feature of this deck is the versatility of its cards: Spectral Divination can be used for stealth or intercept, Breath of Thanatos for stealth or a deadly strike, and so on.

The deck has quite a bit of intercept, but nothing close to what a wall construct can display. It will be happy enough to bounce the bleed with A bounces if given the chance.


A variant uses The Capuchin as star, Richard Stefan Utner's deck from 2019 is a good example of it.


Pentex™ Subversion has been modified by an errata in September 2019. It does not prevent a vampire to act anymore, so it is less powerful and should probably not be included in the deck anymore.