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Daughters Politics


This is a breed & boon deck using the Daughters of Cacophony and their unique m discipline. The idea is to bring as many Daughters as possible into play with The Embrace, then use Bastille Opera House, Conductor and r modifiers to get enough votes.

Benefit Performance is used to bloat and Lily Prelude to deliver pool damage to the prey.

Enchant Kindred can be used to speed up the setup in the earyl game and bleed later on, while Dream World can provide an unexpected bleed lunge.

Tips & Tricks

Death of the Drum is a nasty surprise in an otherwise innocuous combat module using only Majesty.

Member of the Entourage are good protectors to avoid, for example, rush actions against a Daughter with Conductor.

The deck can have a hard time getting the vote lock. Fear of Mekhet can be a devastating blow to a Camarilla vote construct if timely played.

As the deck has no defence against bleed (no bounces and no intercept), Archon Investigation is the only deterrent available against high bleed decks. Aside from that, the high bloat delivered by Benefit Performance ought to be enough.


The archetype is seldom played and not many variations exist. Karl Schaefer's deck from 2019 gives an Anarch example where the Daughters go for Fee Stake actions. That said, it is more of a crossover between this archetype and the Death Star archetype.