E Cybelotron


This is a special deck using Cybele and Call the Great Beast.

The idea is to put a Master: Discipline on Cybele to get her to 11 capacity, use Magic of the Smith to fetch a Soul Gem of Etrius, unlock with Truth of a Thousand Lies, then play Call the Great Beast with ORS and burn, triggering the Soul Gem of Etrius. A new Cybele comes back with the Soul Gem of Etrius and bleeds alongside the Great Beast.

This is a complicated combination but, if done right, Cybele and her "resurrection" can both bleed in the same turn for 3 each, plus 3 from the Great Beast. Golconda: Inner Peace is used on the Great Beast and Redeem the Lost Soul on the burnt Cybele, for a massive bloat.

Dreams of the Sphinx and The Barrens are used to discard the spurious Magic of the Smith once the combo is up and running.

The combat module is defensive, using only Majesty.

Tips & Tricks

Antediluvian Awakening can help burn an exhausted Cybele to avoid getting stuck in torpor.

Once Cybele is at 11 capacity with the Soul Gem of Etrius, Truth of a Thousand Lies can be used to get her bleed up to 5: if the prey plays Archon Investigation, a new Cybele just comes into play and bleeds again.

Spying Mission can be used if a bleed is bounced to avoid dealing damage to an ally.

Sadly, Golconda: Inner Peace can not be used on Cybele: as it does not burn her, it does not trigger the Soul Gem of Etrius effect.


There are only minor variations to this archetype. Dark Influences and Unleash Hell's Fury are often included.


Anthelios, The Red Star has been banned in 2016. Its removal may have a bit of impact on the Master module.